Modular Accommodation Units

Comfortable rest areas increase the productivity of the employees.

Karmod's modular accommodations are very popular in construction sites of many construction, mining and infrastructure projects because of their aesthetic design and comfortable structure. Modular accommodation can be built as one, two or three storey buildings. The main advantages of these prefabricated accommodation buildings are fast assembly, high thermal and acoustic insulation, durability and economy. Karmod has thought through every detail to make the lives of workers in our modular buildings as comfortable as possible. These buildings are made of non-combustible material, are suitable for all weather conditions and have the international quality certificates.

Welcome To Concept Modular Accommodation…

We are proud to be an independent company specializing in the manufacture of quality modular accommodation buildings in the UK for over 1986. With Karmod's long-standing reputation for exceptional customer service and excellent value, we are dedicated to providing you with complete solutions and complete satisfaction, whatever your prefab modular accommodation needs and budget. Whether your need for prefabricated modular accommodation is large or small, we have it all! From a bespoke modular accommodation building complex, secure anti-vandal unit, wood-clad eco unit or anything in between - we can help. The concept modular hospitality team has a wealth of industry experience and is committed to providing you with superior customer service. From the initial inquiry to the final delivery and installation - they will assist and guide you every step of the way. This is what we enjoy doing!

Market leading site accommodation manufacturer

The safety and well-being of all people on construction sites has never been more important or more difficult to achieve. Karmod is the market leader in the production of Prefabricated modular estate accommodation, so we understand the needs and challenges of life on the estate and have a wide range of solutions to suit it. The expertise we have gained over 36 years in the industry has led us to establish business relationships with 50% of the Top 500 Construction Contractors in the World.

You can get everything you need from Karmod, as long as you need it, from generators and storage containers to portable toilets and showers, social humanitarian aid units and site offices at construction sites. We are quite experienced in providing only the essentials, from a storage container, portable toilet and shower unit and a site portable container and cabin to whole site accommodation villages consisting of multiple connected and stacked units. Our portable modular job site accommodation features a vandal resistant construction that is sturdy, durable and perfectly designed for construction sites that deters unwanted attention.

Modular Accommodation Built According To Your Needs

Our modular accommodation buildings and accommodation container construction allow you to freely choose the size of your unit and specify both the layout of the rooms as well as the insulation and equipment inside. With industry-leading capabilities and ready-made engineers, Karmod will ensure that your project is uniquely tailored to your prefabricated modular accommodation needs and equipped with all necessary kitchenware and sanitary facilities.

Modular Site accommodation, whenever you need it

It is very important to maintain hygiene standards in the world after the Covid-19 Pandemic. No matter how many people you need to wash, we can accommodate it. Our wide range of single-sex and combination portable toilet blocks and maintenance units can take care of hundreds of shopkeepers and site visitors. Quality well-being also means providing appropriate eating and cleaning facilities. In addition to modular site accommodation on site, Karmod offers all the white goods you need from microwave ovens and toasters to fully automatic washing machines, tumble dryers and dehumidifiers to protect your workforce content, so you can enjoy a productive workforce of Karmod.


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