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Product Details

Modular Office Complexes prefabricated structures

Since its first introduction prefabricated structures have received different kinds of attention and uses. The more the technology advances the better the alternatives of use that it has got. They are light so it is very easy to transport them wherever they are needed. They are adaptable so any surface will make it for them to be installed and they can even have up to two stories, layouts can also be in the way that our customers desire. 

Our engineers in Create space with Prefab will have every consideration in order to make the project that you have in mind come into real life in an efficient way. These structures can form modular buildings which mean that they can have spaces to add, so if you need a modular office complex it is more than possible to have it done in the way you want and need to. You may want to have rooms for your employees to rest, if it is the case that they will need to be working out of town and they will need to spend a period of time where the project is going to be held.

Create space with Prefab includes showers, restrooms, and dressing rooms

These complexes can definitely be adapted to be the accommodation for your work team with Create space with Prefab and include showers, restrooms, and dressing rooms to have a space where to relax and get some stop after a busy day of work. The idea is to provide your team with a place that gives them safety and comfort. And that there they can feel that their work can be hard and complex but that they have been taken care of and their needs are going to be attended to, in terms of spaces. 

Temperatures outside will not have much interference as these prefabricated modular office complexes can avoid getting too hot or too cold with the temperature that comes from the outside. So, in other words if outside there is a hot and sunny day, one of those that makes the air hot, inside the modular office you will feel no difference. And on the other hand, if it is cold outside and windy and the cool breeze makes you wish to start the day without a hot cup of coffee, well, inside the infrastructure this effect will not have that effect.

Innovating with Karmod prefabricated structures in a cost-efficient manner

Our company has almost four decades in the building market, innovating with prefabricated structures and Create space with Prefab that give dozens of customers the alternative to have their offices transported to where they need them to be, in a cost-efficient manner and with an environmentally friendly product. 

Yes, so now you can be happy to know that when you acquire our services and products you are not only purchasing an affordable item of construction you are also collaborating with the environment since we use a clean way to produce modular office complexes.

Space with Prefab ready to be transported and delivered where you need 

In Create space with Prefab we manufacture each part and divisions as you indicate them, and we do it inside our facilities. In this way each part is made with almost zero waste and after this process, which can last approximately 3 months, depending on the infrastructure size, it is ready to be transported and delivered where you need to. 

Once there, it is not necessary to use special tools or complex equipment to have it installed, this process can take up to a week or a week and a half. So as you see the whole process will take some months in order to be prepared and you can have your modular office complexes working and ready to be used the minute after it is installed. You can contact us as soon as you wish.


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