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Merging practicality with innovation for more than 30 years, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies has made contributions to the overall improvement of modular and prefabricated buildings industry. We have developed ourselves and our services significantly over the years and promote innovation with new ideas in our workspace. As one of the best modular office buildings provider, we value quality above all else and make sure that our designs meet our clients’ needs but able to provide much more. We are delivering our modular offices all across the world and they can be seen in different countries such as modular office buildings in UK. All of our modular and prefab buildings are tested and proved to be much more efficient than any other traditionally made buildings or other modular or prefab buildings available in the market. As Karmod, we know how frustrating it can be to manage or to take part in a project. With this empathy, we want to offer our customers the best modular office buildings available in the market that will surely increase your efficiency, provide a peaceful working environment for you and your staff, contribute a lot to the realization of the project or plan and save you from excessive spending which can be critical as managing funds in a project can be very frustrating. 

What are Modular Office Buildings?

Karmod Modular Office Buildings are modular structures that are built in a professional manufacturing plant and installed on a different location. In the production process our office buildings are made using highest quality materials to increase their overall quality and durability. Because we want to make sure to cause zero disturbance and no harm to the environment, we design our products in a way that allows them to be installed very quickly without the need of heavy equipment and to be eco-friendly. They are designed to provide the user with the most relaxing working environment and to withstand any kind of weather conditions or disaster. 

Best Modular Office Buildings

With the demand of practical and affordable office solutions in the rise, our products are made specifically for you to work in a peaceful environment where you can concentrate on your work. That is why Karmod is one of the best modular office buildings seller in the world. It is easy to see our brand everywhere such as the modular office buildings in Canada and modular offices UK. From office buildings and used modular office buildings for sale to prefab offices, all of our modular office buildings are the best solution you can find to help realize your project. We make sure that all of them are able to provide you with more than you require.


Established in 1986, we aim to offer exceptional service, innovative modular office construction solutions and unrivalled build quality for both temporary and permanent building applications. We are a high-performing, financially robust business with a proven track record in delivering rapid modular officce building solutions to the highest standards, across public and private sectors. Karmod's unique modular office buildings allow the prefabricated modular building we build to maximize the footprint you build on it.

From workers accommodation  for construction sites to creating temporary and permanent spaces for living and working, we can provide high quality, durable modular office buildings to meet your specifications and budget. Karmod is backed by the UK, one of the largest welfare and estate accommodation companies in the UK. With over 36 years of experience, the UK is a trusted name in the construction industry, synonymous with quality and service.


Leaders in the design, manufacture and sale of quality modular office buildings. Karmod Modular Buildings is the UK’s oldest independent manufacturer and supplier of permanent modular oofice buildings, with five Divisional modular offices covering England, Scotland and Wales. We offer a full turnkey service, and can take full responsibility for your modular oofice building from conception to completion. Putting your modular oofice project in our hands gives you one point of contact to ensure a high level of customer service. The steel framed modular systems designed by Karmod Modular Buildings have the flexibility to provide modular office nad accommodation solutions in a wide range of sectors, including education, healthcare, custodial and even specialist requirements. It’s a proven concept that’s more cost-effective than traditional building in every respect.


Whether expanding, relocating or restructuring, a modular office from Karmod Modular Office Buildings gives you the flexibility to adapt, survive and thrive.  A modular office building is faster to build and more cost effective than traditional construction, giving you a better return on your investment. Should relocation be required Karmod modular office buildings can be disassembled, transported and reconnected at the new site, meaning you retain the building’s value no matter where the needs of your business take you. Karmod modular office buildings can create the ideal office environment for you and your staff. Whether you need entirely new modular office accommodation, or are simply extending existing facilities, a modular solution from Karmod Office Buildings is the answer.

Maximizing Productivity: Innovative Modular Office Design Trends for 2024

As businesses evolve, so do their office spaces. The year 2024 is set to witness revolutionary changes in modular office design, prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality. Innovations in modular office systems are fostering environments that enhance productivity and foster creativity. Features like flexible layouts, sustainable materials, and integrated technology are at the forefront, making modular designs not only more attractive but also more conducive to the dynamic needs of modern workforces. These trends are reshaping how we think about workplace design, providing customizable and scalable solutions that grow with your business.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Business: How Prefab Office Costs Compare to Traditional Construction

In an era where budget efficiency is more crucial than ever, prefab offices offer significant cost advantages over traditional construction methods. By adopting prefab office costs, businesses can save on both time and money without compromising on quality. The production of prefab office spaces in controlled environments reduces waste and speeds up construction times dramatically, leading to earlier occupancy and reduced labor costs. This piece explores how modular construction is not only a viable alternative but a superior choice for businesses looking to expand or update their facilities economically.

Why Buy Modular Office Spaces? Top Benefits for Expanding Businesses

For expanding businesses, modular offices are a game-changer. Purchasing a modular office allows businesses to bypass many of the challenges associated with traditional construction, such as lengthy build times and unpredictable weather delays. The benefits extend beyond mere convenience; modular offices provide flexibility in design and can be easily relocated or modified to suit changing business needs. This content delves into how modular office spaces are helping businesses stay adaptive and agile in a fast-paced market, offering scalable solutions that can grow with your enterprise.

Portable Office Units vs. Permanent Structures: Which is Better for Your Temporary Workspace Needs?

Deciding between portable office units and permanent structures for temporary workspace needs can be a daunting task. Each has its merits, but the choice largely depends on the specific requirements of your business. Portable office units offer unmatched flexibility and ease of relocation, making them ideal for sites requiring temporary offices or for businesses that are in transitional phases. On the other hand, permanent modular buildings might be a better fit for longer-term solutions where stability and a more traditional office feel are necessary. This comprehensive comparison looks at the pros and cons of each option, helping you make an informed decision based on functionality, cost, and scalability.

Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned above, a modular office building is a structure produced in modules in a factory-like setting for certain clients who want an office environment where he/she can carry out projects in a peaceful environment. Because they are built in modules, they are very easy to transport which allows them to be delivered and installed quickly. Karmod Modular Office Buildings are also fully customizable, meaning they can carry your brand name or logo wherever they go. Their exterior and interior can also be customized on demand.

In terms of price, Karmod Modular Office Buildings have proven to be much more efficient and practical compared to traditional offices and other modular or prefabricated office buildings available in the market. Their high-quality and increased durability really makes them stand out among other office accommodation units and make them one of the most preferred office solutions worldwide. They are also easy to transport and install, which makes them quick in terms of delivery and assembly.

Karmod Modular Office Buildings have different designs implemented in them with an aim to increase the life expectancy of the product. One of the designs was to increase resilience to disasters. Our modular office buildings are able to occupy any kind of terrain regardless of weather or other external factors. Their durability is what makes them quite unique among other traditional offices and other prefab modular office buildings. To conclude, the life expectancy of our products is exceptionally high, and we can say that you can easily use them for a lifetime.

Telling the difference between modular and manufactured offices is actually quite easy. The main difference is that manufactured offices are portable and do not require to be placed on a foundation while modular offices are not portable and they must be placed on a stable foundation. However, because they are both produced in a factory setting, it is quite easy to be confused. Manufactured offices are also often called mobile homes because of their portability as well. There are regulations in different situations regarding the transportation of manufactured homes.

To understand the difference between modular and prefab office buildings, we must look at the definition of prefab. The making of any kind of structure in a manufacturing plant and installation of the said structure on a different site makes that structure prefab. The biggest difference that distinguishes modular from prefab is that a modular office building can be called a custom type of prefab office building. Some of the modules produced in the production of a modular office building can be called prefab.

As mentioned above, in terms of price, Karmod Modular Office Buildings are far more superior compared to other office accommodation solutions. Our modular office buildings are eco-friendly, practical, and durable. When we talk about these features, it is hard to think that a product like this must be very expensive but thanks to our professional design team and research and development team, we are able to provide our customers with the most relaxing and efficient working environment available in the market while still having an affordable and stable price tag.

In the past, modular structures were not so preferred because of their un-practicality and price as the materials required to produce a modular structure were somehow more expensive than to produce a traditionally made structure. However, these days, modular buildings are much more easy to produce and install thanks to the advancement of technology. Nowadays, modular buildings are produced in modules with highest-quality materials in a professional environment and delivered to the required site quite fast. After the arrival, our staff already present at the location before the arrival starts the installation process. Because they are produced in modules, they do not require any power tools or heavy equipment to install. For more information about how modular office buildings are raised, please contact us.


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