Modular Commercial Building

Prefabricated social facilities buildings with international standards

Quiet environment for sweet moments of life.

Employee satisfaction largely depends on the environment. If you want to create attractive spaces for your employees, we offer you decisive advantages. We build modern social buildings, which can be used in a short time for fairs, events, hotels and gastronomy as office and administrative complexes, tourist centers, holiday homes, sports utility buildings or multifunctional buildings. Your project is planned by our experienced architects and engineers according to your wishes.


Karmod Modular Commercial Buildings

If you run a large corporation and are looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly commercial building to house your business and employees, modular commercial buildings are worth considering.

Modular commercial buildings are becoming more popular due to their ease of construction compared to traditional commercial buildings. For example, if you manage a racetrack and need a commercial building to sell tickets or merchandise, a modular commercial building is ideal; Prefabricated commercial buildings that can be placed wherever you want and can be moved if you decide to relocate. Quick turnaround combined with minimal disruption on site and lower cost, commercial prefabricated modular buildings are the way forward for many types of businesses in the UK.

As Karmod, we fully understand the complexity of business expansion in modular commercial structures and the importance of ongoing operations to keep the impact to a minimum in this process.

Our unique modular commercial building method means up to 75% of construction is completed offsite, reducing modular commercial construction time and allowing you to move into your new building faster, resulting in minimal disruption to staff and customers.

Commercial Retail and Hospitality Buildings

If you need a clean, modern building to accommodate your modular commercial retail clients or commercial hospitality clients, a modular commercial building can provide the aesthetics you desire. Whether it's a prefab building for a store, outlet, conference room or tour operator, our commercial modular buildings can be delivered on-site faster than traditional brick buildings.

Prefabricated modular commercial buildings are ideal for use as a prefabricated office building for temporary use or as a more permanent fixture. We can build single or multi-storey modular commercial office buildings to provide enough space for your staff to comfortably run your business. Need extra space at a later date? Commercial prefab modular buildings can expand as your company grows.

If you run a dance school or sports club with modular commercial buildings, a prefab commercial building may be an excellent choice for practicing and training. Changing rooms, toilet facilities and all the usual amenities you would expect can also be built into your modular commercial building.


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