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Product Details

Prefabricated Site Office

With the adaptability of Building site cabins structures now you can have your office not only tailored but also delivered wherever you need it. Yes, as it may sound as something convenient for you, we would like to let you know more about it. Maybe your company needs to expand and continue growing or maybe you are in charge of a project which may need your office staff to be moved in situ, whatever the case is you have to know that you can have our prefabricated site office ready and installed working for you and your work team mates. 

As mentioned before they are ideal when your business is in the phase of growth and you need your company to adapt to a new size as more employees and spaces are needed and to make it as quick as possible. Also, one thing that you can be interested in is that they are affordable and take really a low amount of time compared to what it would take if you needed to add concrete structure in the conventional way.

Karmod prefabricated site office the best way to saving money

You can have the office that you are looking for right with us, this investment will save you money and time and will allow you and your team to keep doing everything in order to keep growing and running your business in the most successful and nice way. Your company can keep its style, so in terms of colors and logos you will be the one who will indicate the preferences that you have; we can include the characteristics that you want us to in the design of your prefabricated site office. 

Saving money is also a convenient feature that will allow you to make the most of your investment with us; all the features that you need to have will be included so sizes of windows and doors and the finishes for walls and floors will be all in the style that you want. Your company will not notice a big or negative difference between the existing structure and the new one, and you will see that it will give it a modern touch with the Building site cabins.

Building site cabins structures that are easy to transportation and work with

The application of technology and engineering is vital for our prefabricated site office, and it makes them possible to be transported and delivered to almost everywhere inside the country, regardless of the surface. This means that you can need the office to be in the mountains or in the middle of the beach; and even so we will surely get there, you can be relieved. 

Our team has experience making the delivery of prefabricated offices and Building site cabins in places whose surfaces are not precisely flat, nevertheless the work was done, as these structures are easy to work with. They are light so the transportation is not to require complex tools to make it so, and they can also be installed and assembled very fast.

Prefabricated office that includes all the specific spaces and cover client’s needs

Our team may take some hours or days depending on the size of your prefabricated site office to have it done. This means that once finished you can be using it, your team will not have to wait for more connections or installations as they can include electricity and water connections. 

Your Building site cabin offices can include specific spaces such as a reception window or a coffee break space and even an air conditioner if it is the case that you would prefer so. And If you can think of the office that suits you, so will our team. We like to let our clients know that the options they have are as many as needed, contact us soon to learn more.


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