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Product Details

Site Accommodation for work or for a vacation trip

Having a nice and clean place to stay is always welcome when you need to spend some time out of town, being the case that it is for work or for a vacation trip. If you are in the Site Accommodation provision business, you know that your customers will always be thankful to have a place like us site cabins where their time out can be worth and nice. If you are a company that needs to move their workers to the site work place you know how worrying it can be to start planning all the work phases, and to coordinate every detail in order to have the work done and aside from that to get a right place for them. 

If you are lucky enough, you can have a hotel or traditional accommodation nearby so the only thing you have to do is to hire their service for the days and the number of personnel you have to stay. However, sometimes projects are to take place in remote areas where there are no rooms or accommodation available. If you are having a situation like this one you do not have to worry, let the burden on us.

Prefabricated Site cabins with a nice environment 

We have something important and very interesting to tell you. Your business does not need to get more complex or complicated because of accommodation, we can take charge of it by providing you with the most adequate site accommodation. We have prefabricated Site cabins and site accommodation that will provide your teamwork with a nice environment to make their daily tasks and activities. 

They will have all the spaces that their work demands such as storage rooms to keep their tools and equipment, Common rooms where they can gather to have their days organized and also a coffee break space where they can just sit and relax for a while.  In fact, having divisions and spaces that can make their days at work out of town easier will have a positive effect in their final outcome and in general when you are in a comfortable room that gives you the right spaces to creativity, work, and relaxation you start feeling confident and happy and that adds up to your days.

Karmod site accommodation is perfectly transportable

The most important feature of our site accommodation is that it is perfectly transportable. It means that it can move wherever you need it to, regardless of the surface. Let’s say you are having your project on a beach where the soil is sandy or that you need to have our accommodation on a wood where there is mud, and the surface is sludgy; you do not have to worry. Our Site cabins structures are a hundred percent adaptable so they can be easily assembled in situ and the surface does not need to be flat. 

Another feature that our site accommodation offers is that their inner structure does not retain the temperatures outside. In other words, it means that if outside there is a burning sun, one of those days where your breath and the air is hot, still inside there will be a nicer atmosphere and not as extreme as outside.

Site Accommodation to keep going on with your activities

But as if that was not much already, if it is the contrary, that is to say that outside is cold inside of the Site Accommodation you still will be able to have a bearable space where to keep going on with your activities. 

This is particularly positive as nowadays we really witness extreme weather changes, and it is not necessary to be as far as in the woods or the beach to feel them. We hope that this site cabins information has been useful, we kindly invite you to contact us for further details.


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