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Product Details

Temporary Site Office transportable Accommodation

If you are going to have projects following one another it is convenient for you to have a transportable accommodation and a transportable office, and now it is completely possible with prefabricated structures that can be a hundred percent transportable and easy to install. We are more than happy to present you our temporary site office accommodation, our company has a recognized presence in the market of mobile and prefabricated structures. 

No matter if your project is going to be held in a remote area or in the middle of an urban place, we can make our temporary site offices reach you right where you need them to. Possibilities are endless with these kinds of structures so whether you need a common room for meetings, a help desk office, or a room where to keep safe the tools and equipment of your team, you can have them as long as you have the space where it is going to be.

Portable prefab site structures well divided and distributed spaces that make the difference

Do not worry if the surface is not completely flat, still these portable prefab site structures can be assembled in any kind of surface and become the flat surface that you are looking for. Your team can count with the spaces it needs, so they will feel that the infrastructure that they count on is one that adds up to their daily tasks and the most important part is that the infrastructure that they will count on will add up to their daily activities.

It is well known that a team that is motivated can get better results and also workers can recognize when a company is able to take care of simple aspects that are valuable for the, like for example a space inside the temporary site office accommodation to have a coffee break, a space to have a relaxing time and get a shower after a long day of hard work. They are able to value it and to realize that their company has the values to care about these kinds of details. Well divided and distributed spaces can make the difference, our engineering team invest their time and knowledge in order to get you the best results possible with the space given and the indications that you would like to consider.

Design every aspect of your site accommodation buildings

As a company with more than 3 decades in the building sector we have the experience that you are looking for in order to make your project an unforgettable experience for you and your work team. It is important for us to let you know that you have us as an alternative to have a temporary site accommodation, we can provide you with the spaces that you need and not matter where your project is located, we will reach you. 

In the first stage of the process, our team of engineers and technicians will work together on the specifications that you have regarding the design of your site accommodation buildings, sizes, colors, number of spaces needed, and the nature of every room will be discussed and outlined so that they can cover every aspect of it. 

Karmod prefab accommodation with minimum waste possible

This can take some weeks to be ready. And right away there comes the stage of manufacturing. The structures that will compose your prefab accommodation will be constructed inside our facilities with edge technology and the minimum waste possible, this is a feature that adds to our products, thus with us you are producing less residuals and this is a responsible way of doing something else for the planet as well as buying a high quality product. 

Finally, we will be making the delivery of your temporary site accommodation. Do not wait anymore and contact us!


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