Revolutionising The World Of Modular Housing

Karmod modular housing is the UK’s most advanced modular steel housing manufacturer. Using our volumetric construction method, we deliver homes of unrivalled quality and desirability in a matter of days. Our modular housing are more cost efficient and sustainable than conventional construction methods.

Our stunning Modular housing sit in well designed places where people love to live. Constructed around a galvanised steel frame housing, they’re built at a pace and quality that’s unlike any other. We are pioneering the future of modular housing building. Bringing people beautiful, sustainable and precision-built modular housing.

High-Quality, Beautiful Housing in a Cost-efficient Way

The world's housing crisis and the global climate emergency, Europe, Africa South America and the Middle East are the biggest housing challenges of the 21st century. Buildings currently account for 35% of the world's carbon emissions and 65% of all waste. In order to meet climate targets and stop contributing to the huge retrofit challenge, Climate Change is giving the construction industry the ability to make all new buildings, not just homes, Zero Carbon.

Creating modular housing that people love, while lowering the impact on our environment is what we’re all about. Our stunning modular hosing and apartments are not only zero carbon homes, they’re fully customisable too.

Life changes. Our light, spacious and modern modular housing can grow and adapt as fast as the people living in them. Designed to be super energy efficient, they cost from less than 1 euro a day to heat.

Options For All Social Modular Housing Types

Karmod offers affordable, contemporary modular housing  living spaces in unrivaled quality and design. The installation is at the heart of Karmod. The deliberate design and use of the space provides long-term benefits for existing and new neighborhoods. In modular housing our variable features both complement and enhance rural, urban and suburban environments.

Modular housing is produced more economically and quickly, rather than building brick by brick at a construction site, rather than building the homes in parts at an off-site production facility.

Modular residences Speed and weather conditions or limited light do not hinder us. Using a production line is very efficient. We deliver from 15 days to 30 days from order and are able to deliver over 600 modular homes per year. From low-cost modular residences at €200 per square metre, to designer luxury modular mansions, our range covers most budgets. We offer an end-to-end service from planning support to foundations and landscaping.


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