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Product Details

Karmod Prefabricated site office cabins can has diverse uses  

You need your office to be in every project that your company has? Or maybe you need to have the administrative team to have their space in each project that is held out of the office? Well, we are glad to let you know that you are in the right place, here in our website you will find all the information that you want to have, you will get to know about the prefabricated site office alternative solution that we offer for you with a convenient time frame and at pocket friendly costs.

As diverse as the uses that they can have we have a special offer for you. Maybe you are just looking for a small Prefabricated Site space that can be for a group not bigger that five people who will only need some divisions in order to work or maybe what you need is a larger space where your team members can gather or have if the case is that they have any consultancies and need to sit and discuss about it. 

Site office cabins of Karmod are considered environment friendly

Anything you may require can be adapted with prefabricated site office cabins. You can be sure that your team will have the structure that they need, if you need any device like for example a printer or a paper shredder you do not need to worry as our cabins can perfectly include electricity connections so that you can use all that needs it. So even a coffee machine space can be considered plus all that will give your team the environment that they need to feel that they are working with what they need. 

If you worry that the surface where the prefabricated site office cabin is going to be set up is not flat enough, you can be relieved to know that our structures are easy to adapt to existing surface conditions. So do not worry anymore about it, you can have your mobile office regardless of the surface; it can be on a rocky place or on the sand of a beach, they will be assembled.

Site office cabins, transportable structures where the manufacturing process takes place

If we stick to a definition, we can say that prefabricated site office cabins are simple structures built inside a factory instead of onsite, and that would be the first and most noticeable difference. Indeed, our structures are more than that, they mean an alternative when and where there is a need for a quick and yet reliable solution. 

Since they are in pieces that can be transported where needed the waste generated in the process of manufacturing is way less than that generated in conventional buildings where water and dust are considerably more. So plus acquiring an excellent Prefabricated site office cabin you will also be adding up to the world’s commitment to reduce the use of materials and specially for the misuse of water, you can be sure that our structures are part of a green concept.

Prefabricated site office environmentally and pocket friendly

The essence of development is providing the same with less and improved materials and that is exactly what we do. We have almost 4 decades on the market of prefabricated site office cabins construction, we have witnessed the evolution that the sector has made and with the technological advances that we now have it is easier to think that this evolution will be of more use and provide customers with more options that can be clean, environmentally and pocket friendly. 

Currently there are more companies that offer more prefabricated structures than before, but we pride ourselves on having the best team to make your project a reality, they are excellent professionals that will kindly guide you throughout the process with us, come one we are just a click away.



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