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Product Details

Portable Office Accommodation offers a space solution

If you need a corporate design and customized Portable Office Accomodation you have reached the right web page. We are so glad to let you know and introduce you to our high-quality products, Karmod has the solution for you. 

Our portable cabins are versatile and they can perfectly offer a space solution for you and not only that as you can adapt them right to your requirements, but no matter where the location is, because they are a hundred percent transportable. Office cabin are light and robust so we can easily transport them wherever you are. The tried and tested panel system opens up the space for your individual ideas for the design and use of your portable cabin. That is why they can be the perfect solution for you and for what you are looking for. Spaces and divisions can be coordinated and designed with our team.

All possible combinations and options in Office cabin for corporate image

We not only offer you the highest quality products, but we also have a team of professional and technicians who will be more than eager and kindly to show you all the possible combinations and options that you will have for walls, floors, doors, and windows, so that your company and corporate image can be highlighted and included in this phase. It is important to have in mind that the space where your workers develop their daily tasks can make the difference and influence the final outcome of their work. 

That is why it is very important to provide them with a portable office accommodation that can include key spaces like for example a brainstorming room, which can include a marker board and become a friendly and creative space for your team to come up with great ideas. Also, you can have more spaces in Office cabin like for example a conference room with an adequate screen and plenty of seats, to make it more useful you can also include a meeting room and a wellness room, this last one has increased its importance in recent years as it is a space where the employees can benefit their health.

Karmod portable office accommodation with Lockers and showers

Lockers and showers can also be included in our portable office accommodation, if necessary, it can easily be added. Actually, this is a nice feature and one of the ones that our customers prefer the most. If your office has a fitness area it should include a locker room or showers so that your workers can clean up post-workout. 

This is a valuable feature that now companies can offer to their employees, and they recognize it. To give your employees the spaces they need to be great is always something that will have a positive impact for them and also a direct impact on the work they have to do each day. Office cabin have evolved from cubicles under fluorescent lights to unique spaces that employees can enjoy spending the day.

Office cabin structures ready to be delivered in a matter of weeks

So, ensuring your workspace as one nice place where creativity and hard work can be held is important as it will allow your employees to have great work done. Your modern and technology based portable office accommodation will give you and your work team a nice space at an affordable price and as fast as possible, compared to what it would take to build in the conventional way a new office for you, the time spent will be less. 

Also, with a traditional building you will not certainly be able to move your structure wherever you need and there will be more costs related to labor hand. Our Office cabin structures can be ready to be delivered in a matter of weeks, it is all up to you!


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