Modular Classrooms & Schools

Modular building built for future generations

Whether school, daycare or campus we offer reliable buildings in modular design. Modular buildings help you stay flexible and respond quickly and cost-effectively to space requirements. We have done a lot of school projects, especially in Africa, Europe and South America. You can contact our experienced sales people to find out about our modular school models and pricing.

Advantages of our schools in modular construction:

-Easy loading and on-time delivery

-Customized classroom designs

-Technologically fast production with quality control

-More efficient use of resources


Modular Classrooms, Fast To Build And Eco-Friendly Buildings

Founded in 1986, Karmod aims to provide exceptional service, innovative modular classroom and school construction solutions, and unrivaled prefabricated modular building quality for both temporary and permanent prefabricated modular building applications.

Karmod is a high performance, financially strong company with a proven track record of delivering fast prefabricated modular building solutions to the highest standards in the school and classroom industry.

Prefab Modular classrooms are a sustainable building solution for expanding modular schools and colleges, designed to be incredibly energy efficient and flexible working spaces which can be fitted for a diverse range of functions throughout any school.

Inspiring Modular Classrooms and Schools

Focusing on creating dynamic and diverse modular school and classroom spaces for the education sector, our modular classrooms create inspiring learning learning environments, Education in Schools places students at the heart and ensures their development is at the center. We help schools address space issues and budget constraints by creating bespoke structures that offer flexible, modern modular school and classroom teaching spaces that promote outdoor education and help children reconnect with nature. Our modular training portfolio has grown exponentially in recent years. During this time we have completed a wide variety of projects, from modular classrooms with special educational needs to purpose-built libraries, dance studios and gyms, meaning we are in a unique position to offer you a bespoke solution

Modular Classroom and School Buildings for Education

As with any modular school and classroom construction project, expanding your school and creating new teaching spaces can be overwhelming. Karmod has 36 years of experience in providing modular education solutions and meeting the needs of extra modular classroom space for kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities.

It is essential that modular classroom and school and other educational construction facilities are cost-effective, flexible in their use, of the highest quality and most importantly affordable, and provide a safe and quality learning environment.

Our experienced modular classroom design, pre-construction and project teams understand the modular education building issues associated with school and classroom development and the importance of reducing disruption to teaching. Our rapid modular school and classroom building solutions help meet the growing demand for school spaces and can create inspiring modular buildings for primary, secondary, further and higher education. From start to delivery, we collaborate with prefabricated modular training providers and local authorities. And all of our offsite school and classroom solutions minimize environmental impact at every stage of the Modular building lifecycle.


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