Retail Kiosk Manufacturers

Karmod is the World Leader in production of modular kiosks..

Europe and UK leading manufacturer of modular retail units and kiosks, High-quality catering and coffee kiosks, Retail merchandising solutions, kiosk providing selling spaces.

The World living kiosks brand name is Karmod. Karmod living and retail kiosks are being securely used in more than 120 countries around the World. Why is Karmod the world’s most preferable kiosk brand?

Superior quality, Cost Effective,Space Efficient,Durable...

Karmod produces wide range of kiosks with demountable structures starting from 150x150 cm dimensions and up to 80 square meters of closed place. Karmod kiosks are pre-produced at Karmod factory according to international transportation standards and they can be transported anywhere in the World and assembled by Karmod expert teams. Karmod grp kiosk is used as Security hut & Cabin, Security gatehouse, Catering & Coffee kiosk, Food kiosk, Portable office cabin, Portable & mobile retail units, Mobile toilets and showers units, tickets and billets sales kiosks and in many areas where closed and secure places are needed.


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