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Prefabricated site accommodation

Thinking so much about a way to have mobile accommodation? Is your company ready to have a project out of town and with your work team ready to leave home for a while in order to enroll with you and work on site? Then maybe you have to make the plans in order to get everything they will need; schedules sometimes can be tight and leave little time as coordination comes and goes, and the excitement grows as time passes as you soon will be starting this new project as an adventure. 

There is still one thing pending and maybe it has been left to the last as it has been difficult or maybe not the real core of your business: site accommodation for your work team. If this is the case and your project will take place where there is a small town with some hotels around then maybe you do not need to worry, as all you will have to do is to contact a phone call to the hotel and they will welcome you and your team. 

Karmod offers prefabricated sites suitable for any place

They will provide you with a nice site accommodation and the problem will be solved. However sometimes, and we understand it, sometimes these kinds of projects are of a nature that requires your team to be in a remote area. And it can be so that the next town can be located a few miles away. In such cases accommodation becomes a little bit more challenging and that is when we know exactly what you need and how to provide it to you, timely and wherever your location is. 

We offer prefabricated site accommodation which can be suitable to any place that you may need them to be and become the shelter for your work team. You can customize them with all the features that we have available and that can be useful and functional for you. They can be set up with a nice inner environment and can become the place where your team can be staying and makes them feel safe and comfortable.

Site accommodation structures especially for the countryside

Since its first appearance prefabricated structures have started to gain more and more participation and we see them mixed in especially in the countryside. It has become even more common in the semi-rural neighborhoods that pop up outside of the city. 

These prefabricated site accommodation structures have evolved, and we understand that people may be reticent or doubtful about them, but we assure you that no matter how many questions you can have, or how many consultations you would like to make, our team will be more than glad to help you dissipate any doubt and give you all the information that you require in order to make the right choice. Feel free to contact our customer service team through a message here and they will be kindly answering back.

Eco Friendly Prefabricated Site

Here and now, we would like to let you know the most important and basic information that can be useful as an introduction of what we have to offer. Prefabricated site accommodation is manufactured inside our installation; it differs essentially from traditional building in that aspect since the conventional way of building requires the workers to be located right from the start until the end in the site where the building is going to be located. 

So, in that sense our structures do not produce as much dust and water usage as the conventional building does. So maybe you would be unaware, but you will be using an eco friendly Prefabricated Site Accommodation structure and that itself has a positive effect, don’t hesitate we are here for you.


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