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Your workspace challenges are our forte, making Karmod the industry experts in tailor-made portable and modular container buildings since 1986. The design of containers make them perfect not only for secure storage but also for safe and secure site office units.

We can place partitions inside the containers to create separate areas and provide additional heaters, power points and lighting where required. We also provide on-site canteens, drying rooms, canteens, on-site storage areas, amenity rooms, toilets and showers. We can create individual units or combine them. Our offices are available in the following standard specifications. However, if required, we can also fully customize the specification according to customer requirements. We are specialists in the sale of new portable containers and offer three different types depending on your requirements.


Site Accommodation and Office Containers

For sites with limited access, select the Flat Pack container range - these units can be combined (side by side or end by end) to create more workspace.,


For a more robust and secure hut, steel vandal resistant huts with steel shutters and double door locks are the ideal choice. They are easy to stack and are equally suitable for use on construction sites or as security offices where there is a risk of theft or vandalism.


The new container office offers maximum security, flexibility, and intelligence. Doors, windows, sockets, and other fixtures are tailor-made to your requirements, allowing for a highly customized assembly. You can specify the materials to be used, the colors, the electrical inputs, even the plumbing in the case of sinks and toilets! We can also install partitions inside. Internal partitions can be installed to create half offices or half lockers, and sinks and water heaters can be added to most lounge and café units if required.


Modular Container Building Solutions

New container offices If you need more space, our modular solutions can help you. We stock modular container buildings and refurbish or completely renovate them depending on the customer's needs and available budget. Our modular container building solutions can be adapted according to customer requirements and planning requirements. We also offer a free quotation for architectural design, including a visit to discuss your needs.


Modular Container Accommodation

Portable containers are faster to deliver and install than fixed structures and can be used immediately. However, portable cabins can last as long as necessary because although they are portable, they are also of high quality.

All the amenities and technology you would expect in a permanent building are available in a portable cabin, including bathrooms, meeting rooms, kitchens and reception areas. Whatever your need, a portable office will meet any need you may have.

The containers can be easily converted and adapted to provide temporary and permanent accommodation including offices, canteens, meeting rooms, toilets, showers, sleeping and sitting areas.

The accommodation containers can be used in various locations, including classrooms or meeting rooms in the education sector, commercial offices, refugee and disaster relief camps, factory control rooms, weighbridges and good offices, as well as remote accommodation needed by oil, gas and mining companies.


Modular Construction Solutions

The building is a unique prefabricated building built to your specific requirements and needs. This makes it a versatile, sustainable and cost effective solution. The modular building design is flexible, which means they can be any size and can be made to be used on multiple levels.

The construction industry has been using converted residential containers for many years and remains an important industry, primarily to help building managers meet the legal requirements to ensure adequate social housing standards, as set out in the Carmod regulations.


Our portable container offices provide the ideal space and the comfort required

for your workers and can be combined with your storage, catering and drying needs.


are used to create hot drinks and food heating shops, space for changing, storing and drying clothes, and provide bathrooms and showers. In addition, well-designed site containers also make excellent project offices and meeting rooms.


Offsite construction modular container buildings

With over 35 years of experience in the supply and hire of system modular buildings and portable buildings in Karmod, and having supplied them to Government and Health Authorities, Education, Construction and General Industry, you can be sure that you are in capable hands. Did you know that we can offer a bespoke refurbishment service? As well as our standard open plan layouts, we can refurbish both our portable cabins and modular buildings to client specification. Some of our fit outs have included clubhouse and welfare facilities for sports clubs, classrooms and nurseries, commercial offices, canteens and many more


Portable Toilets And Shower Containers

In the crowded and extremely overcrowded world we live in, the need for basic needs is increasing. Portable toilets and shower containers can alleviate the growing need for a working environment and relieve some of the stress associated with on-site needs and requirements. Portable toilets and shower containers can have different capacities depending on the features and requirements required. Portable toilets and shower containers can be a great solution for many businesses. Portable toilets and shower containers are an efficient and convenient device that can be used with minimal disruption on site, providing a sanitary and safe environment to use.


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