For over 35 years, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies has been producing and designing state-of-the-art containers that are used globally from airline construction sites to mining operations. As Karmod, we make sure that our top quality products produce zero waste, provide efficiency and meet the needs of our customers. We are aware of the importance of managing funds and the project at the same time. That is why we design our products in line with our customers’ needs. The practicality and affordability are the core reasons why our containers are the most preferred among our wide variety of accommodation solutions. 

What are Containers?

Container buildings are demounted portable living accommodation units that are built in a professional environment. They are multi-purpose accommodation units that are cheap and effective and especially preferred in project sites and operations. Because of their demountability, they are exceptionally easy to assemble and transport. Primarily being being modular, container buildings have many pros compared to traditionally made buildings and other container structures available in the market. Karmod Containers can be used in many ways, such as; modular clubhouse buildings, storage containers, food containers, shower containers, flat pack container office, mobile office containers, container toilets and much more.  We are able to ship container homes, portable containers and flat pack containers to UK, Ireland and Scotland as well as many other countries in a short span of time.

Best Containers

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we continuously improve our products and implement new features to the already existing ones. With our professional research and development team, we are able to benefit from the constantly improving technologies that this era has to offer. Our container structures are designed to increase your efficiency while being considerably affordable. Their great insulation system allows you to avoid weather problems and excessive bills. We also have shipping containers for sale, flat pack offices for sale, container homes for sale, site portable containers for sale, portable container for sale in UK, mobile office containers for sale, general office containers for sale, general containers for sale and flat pack containers for sale in the UK. Truly, they are the best container structures available in the market as they surpass many other accommodation solutions.

Fast, Reliable Container Space

Container buildings and portable swing spaces from Karmod container offer customers a fully customizable space solution that’s on par with traditional construction—and with less lead time. They are constructed off-site office container in factory-controlled environments using the same materials you would find on a conventional construction site.

Container buildings and portable swing spaces can be used in any application where conventional construction is used. While modular container offices can be used on a temporary or permanent basis, portable swing spaces are typically only temporary in nature. However, whatever you need, both options can be used while businesses are renovating or constructing new facilities. Common uses include:

Portable Container Classrooms

Government Military Container Buildings

Medical Container Buildings Clinics

Administrative Container Offices

Container buildings allow for earlier occupancy, as site and prep work can occur while modules are built in the factory. The factory-controlled environments allow for builders to work comfortably, away from harsh weather conditions, which in turn prevents damage to building materials. Other benefits include:

Benefits of Container Buildings

Fast Delivery

Low-cost Reconfiguration

Wide-ranging Flexibility



Built with the same Code Requirements as traditional buildings

Earlier Occupancy

Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned above, container buildings are structures that are built in a professional manufacturing plant. They are demountable, affordable and practical accommodation solutions that can be used in any situation. Karmod Containers are also exceptionally sturdy. They are designed to withstand any kind of natural or man-made disasters while occupying any kind of terrain. Their demountability also allows them to be transferred very easily and shipped to different countries in a short span of time. In the process of installation, the personnel required to assemble container is minimal as they do not require much workforce and they also do not require any kind of power tools or heavy equipment. Karmod Containers can also come with different flat pack container styles, such as; flat pack containers, flat pack storage containers, flat pack offices for sale, flat packed containers, general flat pack office buildings, flat pack office cabins, customized flat pack office containers, general flat pack containers in the UK and flat pack containers available on eBay.

When talking about price, we can say that Karmod Containers are the most cost-efficient accommodation solutions you can find in the world. Their quality makes them stand out among other containers available in the market and their price tag also makes them surpass traditional accommodation solutions. They are overall, very affordable. With prices also depending on the size and type of the container, Karmod Containers are comparatively easy to raise and maintain which is just another core reason why they are so popular among our wide catalogue of products. We know how hard it can be to manage a project or a large scale operation as making sure that the project funds are spent in the right direction can be tricky. That is why, as Karmod, we want to answer whatever question you have on your mind and offer you the most affordable and practical site accommodation units that are not only completely portable, but also highly durable.

Because Karmod Containers are produced demounted using highest-quality materials and designed in a professional environment, their lifespan is very high. They can be used for a lifetime. Their exceptionally good insulation system also allows them to not get affected by adverse weather conditions, thus increasing the lifespan to a greater extent. Their demountability feature also allows them to be maintained and repaired quite easily. They are also able to maintain a sturdy structural integrity as the materials used in the production process are extremely durable and lightweight that are perfect for a practical accommodation unit. As traditionally made buildings are getting older in the field of practical accommodation, container buildings are on the rise with their exceptionally high performance on working fields. They are especially favored because of their long-lasting life and practical usage as they can be quickly deinstalled and installed somewhere else when they are done serving in the field which is something what traditionally made buildings are not able to do.

The terms "modular homes" and "manufactured homes" are not interchangeable. Both houses are created and built in a factory setting, however manufactured homes are not built on a solid foundation. In other terms, they are referred to as houses that do not have a fixed base and can be relocated. In some cases, there are legal restrictions on the transportation of manufactured homes, which are also known as mobile homes because of their flexibility.

Prefab or prefabricated refers to the process of producing a structure at a facility and transporting it to the worksite where it will be built. A container building is a form of prefabricated structure that can be altered. The structure can be classified as prefabricated if some of its components or elements are manufactured at a factory.

Container buildings, on average, are far less expensive than traditional buildings or other container buildings on the market. The cost of a finished container construction is decided by the customer's selected design, materials, and customizations. At the same time, the cost is influenced by elements such as transportation, location, and terrain. We at Karmod recognize the value of keeping in touch with our customers throughout the design and installation process. For further information about planning and pricing, please contact us.

At the factory, container buildings are first built in pieces in a controlled environment. Each segment is constructed using modern technological means and in accordance with the specified design. The manufacturing is moved to the construction site after it is finished, and the construction process begins. It is constructed on a foundation laid by our skilled modular home construction experts. The length of time it takes to create a structure varies depending on the model. Raising a larger container, for example, will take longer.

Container buildings are constructed and planned according to the customer's desires during the construction phase. The construction of the container building, which has been developed according to your needs and preferences, has begun. To build a correct design, qualified professionals create components. The entire procedure is carried out in a systematic and regulated manner. The finished components are delivered to the building site, where they are installed. The installation process then begins. The changes are then built to your specifications and made ready to use. For further information on the purchasing, manufacturing, and installation processes, please contact us.

Container structures are the ideal choice for individuals seeking a free and inventive design approach. It is less expensive and offers a greater option than traditional construction methods. The use of materials is maximized in container constructions. Because they are manufactured using advanced technical processes under factory circumstances, they can be entirely individualized and customized with complete blueprints. Customization can be applied to any subject, from magnitude to design. Then you have the option to make modifications according to your preferences. It is long-lasting and comfy due to its sturdy material and great insulation capabilities. During their manufacture and installation, container buildings have a lower environmental impact. It is an example of environmentally beneficial architecture in this regard.


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