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Modular site accommodation to the middle of a remote place

The advantages of technological applications to all aspects of life are countless, the building sector is not exempt from the advances that the technology has allowed. So, when you think now about the possibility of transporting a modular construction to the middle of a remote place you get to know that thanks to modular site accommodation it is totally possible. Modular site accommodation is what you need if you are going to have a number of workers having to stay in situ, out of town. 

There are quite a number of projects that need your work team to be working in situ. Sometimes they are an important item in terms of national development. We have experience working with different kinds of Student Accommodation projects belonging to both the private and the public sector. Ranging from the construction of schools and supermarkets to the construction of water reservoirs and energy plants.

Karmod buildings accommodation with an excellent energy and ecological footprint

We are able to handle the accommodation that will be the place where your work team and also this way of construction has added the bonus of achieving amazing results to get an excellent energy and ecological footprint for the environment and for your company in terms of its commercial image. 

All this is made possible by the integration of technology and expertise in the teams that we work with, our professionals and technicians have devoted their energy and efforts in order to get the best of results, for example a great efficient quality of thermal insulation that will allow the waste of cold or heat that can come either from or to the interior or exterior of the Student Accommodation building to be imperceptible, since these variations, losses and gains have a great impact on the total consumption of heating and cooling of the home. 

In this way you can be sure that inside these modular site accommodations you will not suffer from any excess of heat or cold regardless of the weather that is outside. This simple feature is of great help and means quite a relief in order to deal with unexpected weather changes which are more common lately.

Karmod prefab Student Accommodation

One thing is true, the best way for us to develop the infrastructure that you need is by communicating with you. So, we kindly invite you to contact a member of our sales department. We will be more than glad to read any questions or consultancies that you may need to solve before having any contract with us. 

Feel totally free there are no questions that we will leave aside. You can also take a look at our modular site accommodations catalog; there you will see our previous work and you will be able to compare the project that you have in mind with the ones that we have already carried out. There are some stages that we will have to finish before so that you can have your Student Accommodation right where you want it to be. 

Planning, design, engineering in Karmod modular accommodation site 

But we can tell you that depending on the size of your particular project we can take up to 3 months as maximum time for the planning, design, engineering, and construction process of each modular accommodation site from the same day of the formalization of the order and from 5 to 8 days for the installation. 

Again, it mainly depends on the size and divisions that your Student Accommodation project will require and the preferences that you will want for your team. In this way you can be sure that your project will be generating a strict control of the final costs of the work by eliminating the problems of improvisations and cost overruns.


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