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Since 1986 Karmod has provided a proven and cost-effective solution for modular buildings that is entirely fit-for-purpose; we help our clients save time, and money, with no compromise on quality or performance.

Karmod's modular buildings provide the ideal space for your business to work, learn and expand. We are a leading global provider of mobile enclosures. From simple portable cabins to inspiring and stylish multi-storey buildings, our permanent and temporary modular buildings are built on site to the highest standards and delivered fully equipped to your specifications.


Modular buildings offer more flexible solutions than traditional construction methods, and modular buildings tend to have lower financial costs, faster production times, and the consistency and quality inherent in off-site construction.

Our prefabricated modular buildings cover a wide range of applications and areas, including educational facilities, public sector, housing, healthcare and commercial classrooms. The role of modular construction in providing a more efficient and sustainable approach to construction is rapidly increasing.


Karmod's modern manufacturing facilities allow us to provide permanent and temporary modular buildings for all industries. From classrooms and auditoriums to the general public sector, housing, healthcare and retail. Our modular buildings are not only extremely versatile and suitable for almost any application, but also have many other advantages, such as:

Our modular building structure can be adapted to each customer's individual needs and changes in building regulations. The technical equipment of a modular building is the same as that of a stationary building, but the cost is very low.


Remote Modular Accommodations and Camp Services

With over 35 years' experience in more than 130 countries, Karmod Modular Structures is a leader in the design and manufacture of modular buildings and industrial areas. Whatever the size of your workforce, whether you need temporary or permanent accommodation or full service accommodation, we have a solution for you. Mining modular building accommodation, campuses, offices and catering. Karmod is more than just a modular building manufacturer, it supports industries such as mining, oil and gas, construction, energy, military, education and government, providing complete products and remote operational services for a complete turnkey solution. We provide:


  • Mining and oil sands camps
  • Construction trailers
  • Prefab mobile offices
  • Mine dry facilities
  • Metal buildings
  • Staff quarters and dormitories
  • Modular guardhouses and security buildings
  • Prefab restaurant buildings
  • Recreational amenities
  • Site preparation and construction
  • Catering and camp services
  • Industrial noise management
  • Remote mining and construction camp accommodation


Karmod has provided temporary and permanent mining camps and facilities all over the world, from the heights of the Chilean Andes to the rainforests of Gabon in Africa. Our team of designers and engineers will create a customized solution to meet your needs.

Our modular building constructions can be adapted to each customer's individual requirements as well as to changes in building regulations. Modular buildings can be technologically equipped in the same way as permanent structures, at a fraction of the cost. Excellent design, delivery and installation methods mean that quality modular buildings can be installed quickly and efficiently, with minimal notice or hassle; and modular buildings are designed to last as long as you need them.


Modular Office Buildings

Karmod- your first stop when considering permanent or relocatable modular office accommodation. Our modular office buildings are suitable for call centres, meeting rooms as well as conference and training facilities and are available nationwide to lease or buy. Internally, buildings can be provided to endless layout options and give total flexibility in accommodating a small or large workforce.

Whether you are looking for a large office with an open plan, a combination of small and large offices with the necessary living space, or any other location, we can help you meet your needs. If your circumstances change, modular office buildings can easily be relocated and adapted to suit your needs. The buildings can be custom-designed to suit your requirements and can be single or multi-storey. Environmentally friendly features can be incorporated into the design to reduce energy and water consumption and lower costs.


Modular Healthcare Buildings

Purpose designed modular healthcare facilities for patients, staff & visitors to buy

Karmod is a trusted partner to the healthcare sector providing innovative, high-quality modular healthcare building solutions, clearly focused on meeting the needs of customers. We have significant experience of providing for a range of healthcare needs including hospital wards, health/medical centres, operating theatres, outpatients clinics, medical research centres, care/nursing homes, GP surgeries, dentists and a range of other ancillary accommodation needs during hospital design and modular hospital construction.

Karmod is fully conversant with the requirements and needs to comply with the Health Technical Memoranda (HTM) and Health Building Notes (HBN) on healthcare construction projects. Our track record includes a range of diverse buildings for a multitude of modular healthcare applications.


Modular Classroom Buildings

Comfortable and productive learning and teaching environment that can be tailored

Karmod offers a wide range of flexible modular school buildings to create engaging learning environments, while meeting even the most demanding planning requirements in a decisive way. Our collection of modular schools and classrooms is extensive. We offer everything from simple simple classrooms - ideal for extra space or for temporary solutions for small jobs - to large, multi-storey rooms that offer the ideal solution for creating or creating an environment attractive and inviting for long-term learning.


The Karmod modular school and classrooms can be further enhanced by adding alternative cladding, windows and pitched roofs to create a more aesthetically pleasing building to meet any planning requirements. The modular school and mobile classrooms with pre-configured layouts are easily accessible.


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