Emergency Residential Buildings

Standing beside people in difficult times

With a production experience since 1986, more than 20,000 square meters of technology production space and well-organized teams, we are trying to help worldwide where help is needed.

Karmod's emergency shelter provide a flexible and cost-effective alternative to creat living space.

Our modular concept includes a compact family-friendly living room module as a basis with several expansion levels. Whether natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires and volcanic eruptions or social events, Karmod offers fast modular housing for urgent settlement needs.

Innovative Emergency Shelter for Disaster

Emergency Temporary Shelter Emergency Karmod prefabricated and containerized structures, which were built to meet the basic needs of people displaced due to war, armed conflicts, earthquakes, floods and natural disasters, were developed as a longer-term alternative structure. The prefabricated and containerized structures we manufacture offer greater privacy and security, and the 13 or 21 square meter shelter can accommodate a family of five to six people. Flat pack containers and prefabs, including tools and instruction manuals, come as pre-assembled prefabricated and containerized structures and take five to seven hours for a four-person team to build, depending on experience and local conditions. Thanks to its modular structure and flexible design, the bunker can be quickly deployed in conflict zones and modified to serve as a management centre, first aid clinic or resting place, among other things. Since 1986, Karmod has built more than ten thousand structures for humanitarian aid operations in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Give Shelter To Refugees - Emergency Homeless Shelter

The main idea in the production of Karmod was to design a shelter that was very simple, easily transported, easily constructed and set up. The size allows many modules to be stacked and transported on any truck. Each module is to mass-produce collapsible prefabricated or container shelters and is an extra wind and rain resistant, cold and heat proof structure. The modules we produce are adaptable to any situation where an emergency shelter is required, provide fast installation according to availability and are cost-effective.

We produce permanent housing and emergency shelter for the homeless

The emergency shelters that karmod manufactures are available in a variety of shapes and sizes made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. They are very durable and strong, guaranteed to last a long time. Because they are adaptable, they can accommodate an individual or the entire family, or even a community service. Perhaps the bunkers used by UNHCR and foundations and charities, the Red Cross and other aid organizations are fine, but the biggest challenge is getting them to the field quickly.


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