Are Karmod Prefabricated Houses Resistant To Earthquakes Or Winds? Are They Suitable Only For Summer Usage?

Karmod prefabricated houses are designed to be durable and comfortably used in all seasons and they are resistant to severe weather and loads such as earthquakes and strong winds. Designing and manufacturing the prefabricated houses with our experienced engineers for specific locations and conditions, we are able to deliver our prefabricated products to any place in the world.

What Is The Warranty Period And Service Life Of Karmod Prefabricated Buildings?

As Karmod prefabricated, we give 2 years warranty from the facility. The material used in prefabricated houses is betopan. The primary manufacturer firm TEPE BETOPAN gives 50 years of warranty against external weather conditions. By making load bearing system of metal prefabricated building that has contact with outside environment as galvanized plated, it was made rust-proofed and rot-proof.

Do I Need To Get A Building Permit For Prefabricated Buildings?

It is under discretion of the Municipality where the building to be constructed. For obtaining permit, Architectural plan, Electrical plan, Mechanical plan, and ground survey should be met by the customer. If required, we can only provide statistical calculations of the building. Permits and legal allowances need to be taken by the customer itself. If the location where the building to be constructed within a municipal area, then a permit is required.

How Many Stories Can A Prefabricated Building Have? Is It Possible To Install The Building On A Concrete Basement?

We can construct as 2 story. It can be made multi-story, but due to the fact that building construction is increased, then unit m² cost will also be increased. If there is no roof or obstructive factor on the reinforced concrete, then single- or double-story prefabricated building can be installed.

Does The Deck Vibrate Or Make Noise In Two Storey Prefabricated Buildings? How Do You Provide Insulation?

Structural analysis and design of these buildings are made in accordance with relevant standards (TS648, TS498, TS11372, AISI, Eurocode) and regulations. The deck is designed within standard deflection limits for serviceability. If you would like to prefer a more resistant option, we are able to reinforce the deck and produce an almost zero vibration deck as well. Insulation material used in the deck and other members provides sound insulation and prevents noise.

Where And How Prefabricated Houses Are Mounted?

Karmod prefabricated houses are lightweight structures and they do not require complicated foundations. The houses are installed on concrete slab on grade, the plan and the details of which will be provided by us. The houses are fixed to the ground with anchorages or steel dowels in order to prevent sliding and overturning under lateral loads.

Is It Possible To Apply Any Project I Wish On Prefabricated Houses?

You can come to us with your own design and drawings and we can together customize a building project within our production constraints, e.g. dimensional constraints due to our standard panelized system. Our representatives will assist you to create a prefabricated building design that best suits your needs.

How Do I Do Heating And Cooling İn My Prefabricated House?

You can easily get warm with stove, air-conditioner, natural gas or electrical heater in winter, and you can cool your room with air-conditioner in summer.

What Is The Performance Of Prefabricated Houses In Severe Climate Conditions?

The building envelope is designed in compliance with energy standards, such as Turkish Standard 825, in order to achieve the required energy performance under the specific conditions of the building to be installed. Modular panels are insulated with EPS and thermal bridges are prevented.

What Are The Expectations From The Customer?

Concrete pouring for preventing flooding of 30 cm or 50 cm of meshed bar iron on ground concrete; excavation and environmental planning works; floor and wall coverings (screed, ceramics, floor covering, solid lamparquet, etc.) , Making external connections for prefabricated building (electrical, waste water, clean water), Permits and permissions to be obtained from the Municipality, Heating and cooling installation (Central heating, air-conditioner, etc..) For installation outside of Istanbul, accommodation and food expenses of assembly team, transportation and freight insurance will be met by our customer.

If Assembly Of Prefabricated Building Is Made Outside Of The City, Then What Do You Require Additionally?

The only difference between construction inside city or outside of the city is the condition that covering accommodation and food expenses of assembly team.

Can You Dissamble My Prefabricated House And Reassemble It In A Different Location? What Would Be The Expenses?

Yes, that's possible. It only requires disassembly cost, re-installation cost, painting cost, and sanitary installation cost. It is possible to make amendment in buildings if required.

What Is The Earthquake Resistance Of Karmod Prefabricated Buildings?

Karmod houses are manufactured taking into account 1st earthquake region conditions.

What Is Thedelivery Period For Prefabricated Houses?

Approximately 100m2 Single-story building will be completed and delivered between 2 days to 15 days depending on the actual production condition at that time. After delivery and receiving ground concrete, assembly of the building is completed within the next 5 days.

What Are The Payment Methods For Prefabricated Houses?

We can only accept in cash. Or you can use Turkiye Finans Housing Loan. We may negotiate on alternative payment plans.

What Is Included In The Price?

ITEMS INCLUDED IN OUR PRICE: General assembly of the building. Building materials (Wall panels, Joint elements, ceiling covering, ceiling insulation, and roof covering materials), Exterior and Interior doors, Windows, Transoms, and Installing windows. Making interior and exterior painting of the building, Making electric installation and fittings of the building, Making sanitary installation of the building (waste water and clean water), and installing fittings.

How Will My Prefabricated Building Transported?

Transportation of prefabricated buildings is made via truck, 18-wheeler, ship, train or cargo plane.

Where Can I See Completed Prefabricated Building Projects?

You can view different prefabricated houses with different sizes (single story and double story) in any location in Turkey or in showrooms in the following addresses.


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