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Our mobile toilets and showers are simplifying Lives

Single Mobile toilets & showers. The highest quality and most modern portable toilets available delivered ready for immediate use. Portable toilets (WC) for a temporary solution during refurbishment or to provide on site facilities during a construction project, Our range of portable toilets includes site toilets, festival toilets, event toilets,  disabled mobile toilets, portable urinals & portable Wc and shower units.

Karmod's modular fiberglass portable toilet cabins are produced in our modern production facilities with high-quality materials in electrical and sanitary areas, doors and windows. The aesthetic design of our toilet and shower cubicles makes them ideal for inner cities, parks, picnic areas, exhibitions, fairs and stadiums.

Based on our customer requests, we offer 6 types of our mobile showers and toilets: WC and shower, mobile toilet and shower containers, fiberglass toilet and shower cubicles, inexpensive WC and shower cubicles, disabled WC shower cubicles and polyethylene WC shower cubicles

Mobile Toilet and Shower are Easy to Use

In a situation where the event’s venue does not have permanent structures such as lavatories, the ideal option is to use mobile toilets and showers. There are numerous benefits of bringing into play portable and temporary toilet and shower units and wc blocks for events. It is, therefore, cost-effective and economical putting in place the mobile facilities instead.

Assuming the event’s venue already has permanent lavatories, there might be long queues especially when the event’s attendees are many. To reduce these queues and the inconvenience which comes with it, having mobile toilets and showers as an additional alternative goes a long way. As a result, everyone in need to access the mobile toilets will not face any inconvenience.

Mobile Toilets UK - Fitted for all Kinds of Environments

 There is an assortment available, for you to choose from. You may opt to choose mobile toilets that only have toilets on one segment and shower units on the other segment. Alternatively, you may decide to get those that have a shower and a toilet within the same block.

If at all you are worried about the facilities being inadequate for many people, you can rest assured that with mobile mobile toilets any number of people can be easily accommodated.


Mobile Toilets UK- Suitable for Large Groups of People

It is important to be mindful of the environment and to avoid any activities which would cause harm. From the above benefits, it is fair to conclude that for events, having mobile toilets and showers is ideal for events. The ability of attendees to access and use these facilities comfortably is a huge win that contributes to the success of the event. These modular portable buildings aren’t just suitable for events but also other similar environments such as construction sites.

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Luxury Mobile Toilets: Elevating the Experience at Your Event

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