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Versatile modern modular kiosks, Security huts, ticket booths checkpoints & Gatehouse. Small and big portable cabin and office, Mobile coffee kiosk solutions across Europe & UK.

Karmod is proud to introduce its wide range of mobile kiosks, which are suitable for use in all kinds of locations and for all purposes. It is no coincidence that you will find our cabins as you traverse the streets of Istanbul, London, Abuja, Riyadh, Kuwait, Doha and Paris.

Our mobile kiosks are manufactured with modern technology and under strict quality control. The wall and roof panels are injected with polyurethane foam for maximum insulation. The removable structure makes it easy to transport the cabins to any destination. With their outstanding features, detailed solutions, low prices and high quality, Karmod's modular cabins are used as ticket offices, security cabins gatehouses, catering & coffee kiosk, portable retail units, food kiosk, guard booth, module / mobile gatehouses, information points, checkpoints, toll booths, portable toilets and showers.

We have the modular kiosk solution for every location!


Karmod Kiosks is a manufacturer of modular kiosks and portable retail kiosk. The design and manufacture of the Karmod modular kiosk was its starting point and today, it is still the main kiosk for its great versatility for any use and space as well as for its timeless design.


Throughout the years modular kiosks have been realized for projects that needed a different system and the following models were born:


In addition to choosing the size, use, materials and color (which already gives an infinite range of combinations), you can also apply an exclusive graphic image, either proposed by the client or by our design department.



All the design and construction decisions have been made taking into account the antivándalico component of the set.

The metallic structure and the coatings in HPL, as well as the models of fittings and accessories chosen, guarantee a great behavior against vandalism, robbery attempts and the risk of fire.


The Karmod modular kiosk is completely built and finished in the workshop, making it transportable without the need for any assembly or disassembly.

It takes some anchor points to be suspended by a truck crane, which transports it and deposits it in the indicated place.


Only the connection of the corresponding connections must be made (they are provided in the lower part of the kiosk). The type of crane to be used will depend on the distance from the access of the truck to the place where the kiosk is placed.

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