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Product Details

Karmod Luxury Portable Toilets for the most important events, parties or festivals

Our products have reached the preferences of some of the most important companies in the UK and that has made us their first choice when thinking about events, parties, festivals, or other kinds of occasions where there will be large gatherings and there is a clear need to have a portable toilet. Since its creation in 1986 Karmod have kept their quality and innovation in all their products and services. As part of our growth, with the Luxury Portable Toilets for Sale in UK we have participated in different events from the public and the private sector. 

Our interest is to be your right hand when planning your event, being part of the solution that you need to provide your audience with the most basic service yet one that is important. We have not limited ourselves just by making it useful and practical, but we have added the possibility to make it luxurious and eco friendly. Our manufacturing includes material which is highly customizable, and you will be able to pick them according to what your event demands.

Luxury Portable Toilets to all different public

We have a wide range of options for you as events can differ one from another for the number of audience and the term they have. We have been part of celebrations that can take a week and of one day occasions like weddings or concerts. Our Luxury Portable Toilets for Sale in UK units can offer the best service to all your different public, they will surely fit. Our offer is convenient for you and for your customers for they are a means to bring comfort to them to dispose of human waste in environments where more traditional or onsite restrooms are lacking in function or capacity, especially for the later cannot be transported. 

This basic coverage can make a huge difference for your audience, and we are glad to be part of the solution you are looking for. Thus, you can concentrate on the development of your special occasion, whether it is for you or for your company and make the best of it while we take charge on providing what we do best

The Karmod Luxury Portable Toilets have prices to all pockets

Not only can be the portable restroom units be luxurious, but they can also be considered environmentally friendly. Their system allows technology to be applied to save water and this saving technology is part of the new trend of green cleaning techniques. They can even come equipped with solar panels; thus, energy is also saved. 

Restroom attendant(s) are included within most of the Luxury Portable Toilets for Sale in UK restroom services for special event services. We have prices for all pockets, and we are aligned to the market. Our service includes a first stage: design, in this stage you will be telling us all your requirements and our team of professionals and technicians will be able to suggest or guide any idea that you can have.

Portable Toilets can take place wherever you and your company decide 

You can feel free to review all the past projects we have had so to know what options have already worked out, you can tell us the colors, sizes, and all details which your portable toilets will be especially for your event. Then we will continue the manufacturing process which follows all your specifications especially in the number of units you will need for your event.

Finally, we will do the delivery and let the Luxury Portable Toilets for Sale in UK all set up right where you indicate us. This part is interesting because your event can take place in the middle of a big esplanade of a museum, in the middle of the woods or in the sandy surface of a sunny beach, it can be wherever you and your company decide to, our portable luxury toilets will be there for you.

The UK's Largest Manufacturer of Luxury Portable Toilets

Portable toilet specialist Karmod has been providing portable toilet and bathroom units for over 36 years and Karmod portable Wc series has been the number one choice for many famous events, high profile parties, events, music festivals and VIP sporting events. We have provided Luxury Portable Toilets for Sale in UK to a number of events from construction sites all over the country, as well as the Karmod festival. Whether you are looking for rugged portable toilets and showers for the onsite workplace or bespoke luxury portable toilets for a celebrity event, Karmod has the solution with its comprehensive and flexible range of portable toilets and showers. 

You can buy modern and new luxury portable toilets at affordable prices, we have the largest portable toilet production in the market. While they are suitable for any occasion, they are perfect for special occasions such as parties, weddings, or VIP areas, especially at festivals where the typical amenities are not available. If you have any questions about our range of luxury portable toilets or if you would like to take a look at our luxury portable toilet prices, please get in touch.

High-end Luxury Portable Toilet Models For Events

Karmod Luxury Portable Toilets are here for luxury portable toilets and showers for all kinds of events including weddings and other special events. If you're looking for a portable toilet solution that not only serves your event, but also provides excellent and top-notch service, look no further! Our Luxury Portable Toilets for Sale in UK and shower units, all manufactured by us here in Devon, aim to impress and provide comfort for your guests. Whether you need individual chemical portable toilets, showers, disabled access toilets, or a range of sizes and portable toilet units for different events, we can offer what you’re looking for to the highest standard. 

Whether you're cooking for a Sports Event, Music Festival, Wedding, Wedding, Black tie ball or just a small family gathering, we'll be able to offer the best solution for your needs when it comes to Portable toilets and luxury toilet facilities. In our luxury portable toilet units, all interior parts such as the mirror and hand humidifier are of superior quality with the final touches. With a bright and modern interior, they are completely self-sufficient in the field and only need power. Whatever your big event, we can recommend the one that best suits your needs; including delivery and collection to meet your logistics needs as you prepare for your big day or night.


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