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Product Details

Karmod offers a wide variety of options and features in Guard hut office space

Guard hut office space with a built-in WC Units can be an important feature for any kind of concurred building, yet they are an economic one. Maybe you have been already considering having one or have seen how their simple present makes a noticeable difference. As the number of new buildings is increasing it is important for customers to feel that they are secure and guard cabins are an effective way in addressing that purpose. 

Our company offers a wide variety of options and features to ensure your new booth properly protects and enforces your physical security team.  The end users of guard booths will spend long hours in the fulfillment of their duty, keeping the safety of a small community or a touristic area is a task that will require hours for sure to make it adequately and effective. So as it will be so we offer units that can include toilets in the design.

Guard booth more comfortable can be placed inside or outside the main building

Thus the end users of the guard booth will be more comfortable while they perform their duty. They can be placed inside or outside the main building; you decide that, and these portable structures can be adapted to what you need. Our Guard hut office space with a built-in WC Units provide panelized and welded steel framed versions, depending on your application, you maybe will like to place the security booth at the forefront to give better protection to the main property or in the first floor of it; in both cases portable guard booths make a great addition to your security. 

Our booths are a great solution to both the residents and the security guards that work looking after the safety of the community: not only will they be a comfortable space where they will be surveilling but also the residents will feel more secure in their place.

Customers are different we offer the option to customize all our structures 

Late polls have revealed the importance that Guard hut office spaces with a built-in WC Units have in the society. They can be useful in touristic places or in commercial places where they can be points of reference to get information in a safe way. As our customers are different we offer the option to customize all our structures. The design stage is one in which our clients can express what they are exactly looking for. 

Sizes and colors are to be chosen for you. You have your own style, no one will know better what your customers need so we are more than willing to know your requirements and respecting your style we can start your project. Our team has professionals and technical workers who, through the years, have participated in many projects that we are confident enough to proud ourselves in counting with the best customer service.

Comfortable space for Guard hut office space with a built-in WC Units

Our products are an efficient solution that provides high quality products at competitive prices; we are aligned with the market and keep the best costs so that you can afford what you are looking for with us at a pocket friendly option. Every client is different and we can adapt our cabins to their needs, it can be for the front door of a school, a residential building, a tourist attraction or even a hospital; the result will be the same. 

For us providing a comfortable space for Guard hut office space with a built-in WC Units is more than just the structure, it goes beyond the surveillance of a place and the supply of safety for many families, tourists, students or patients, as versatile as our structures can be. Karmod has more than 35 years in the construction sector and the provision of security guards is an important part of our main business, so trust us and contact us soon.

Guard booth with toilet units. Boasting of an eye-catching design

There are many indoor and outdoor options to consider when designing Guard hut office space with a built-in WC Units. Size, color, toilet facilities, etc. All mobile toilet units can be housed inside your security guard cabin, but obviously you need to have a well thought out idea of ​​what to use to keep costs down. Our customers that we manufacture toilet security guard booths include local governments, workplaces, factories, schools, security companies and more. All of our customers receive excellent customer service from the first order to the delivery of the last security guard booths. 

All of our door doors come in six standard sizes, so we'll have a product to suit your needs. Moreover, through experience and rigorous testing, we guarantee you a well-manufactured, finished toilet stall product. We provide sealing of all joints with the safety cabinet, ensure that it is easily fixed in place in your facilities, and we also offer additional services such as heating, water and integrated toilets. We want you to have a prefab security shack that will work with you to produce a safety cabinet that fits you and meets your stringent requirements.

Our portable security Booth with toilet is perfect

Depending on how big you need your security guard booth can sometimes depend on how many built-in options you can add. Still, this is something that can always be looked at during the design process. When delivered, they will be equipped with your internal options and ready to connect to your onsite services. Advantages of Producing a Safety cabin with toilet for your construction site. There are many advantages to having a Safety monitoring box unit at your jobsite. It is an essential part of keeping your site secure and trackable. 

Some of the benefits are: Access to the site is controlled – with the Guard hut office space with a built-in WC Units it can be difficult to keep track of the different tradesmen and people who come and go to and from your workplace and site at all hours of the day. Hiring a security guard can alleviate this anxiety. Only authorized persons can control access through the hatch integrated into the hut. They may even be required to show the guard photo ID to keep theft and vandalism to a minimum.

Best quality toilet with security booths at the most affordable price

Portable and prefab security shack - These Booths can provide a place for your site security to view footage from around the site while staying at the front entrance. They can even communicate with other guards patrolling the field, describing what they see on their screen to let them know someone is on the field. Welcoming Visitors – Having a Guard hut office space with a built-in WC Units at the entrance of your construction site means that the visitor is immediately greeted. They may then be directed to locate the onsite location and present it to the appropriate personnel. 

The Smoking cabins and Vaping Shelters are robust steel structures and open-sided to comply with smoke-free regulations, whilst also meeting the need to keep smokers away from flammable GRP fiberglass and equipment. Karmod has more than 36 years of experience in manufacturing different types of safety cabins and modular buildings in our factory. Our staff will assist you throughout the entire process, from Inquiry to delivery of your toilet security cabin. If you need more information, get in touch for your non-binding offer. Let's build something great together.


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