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Product Details

Karmod security huts ready to be installed on site

Our company offers the security huts implemented with mobile toilets which can be placed wherever they are needed. Security Huts with Mobile Toilets in UK is a point where people always prefer to go if they have any doubt; in other words, it is a lot more secure to ask for addresses or to make any other consultations in these huts than to any pedestrian on the road. 

They are a significant sign of public security and that is why they need to keep a person in charge of it during the 24 hours of the day every day of the week. This rhythm of work is one that makes your security guards stay longer periods in their units so they are going to need a comfortable space to work which should include a place where they can refresh and attend to their basic needs. A security hut with a toilet is the perfect combination; they come ready to be installed on site.

Highly customizable Mobile Toilets in UK

There is no need to spend months until it is constructed. It is 100% portable which means that you will only let us know where you need the cabin to be placed and we will get it there. It is highly customizable so you can feel free to choose the colors and sizes as well as the additional equipment you will want it to have such as desks, mirrors, or sanitizers. 

You can outline the requirements that you need, and we will be able to assist you so that you can have your Security Huts with Mobile Toilets in UK with toilets the way you demand. Although they are small, they can have a very convenient use of the space and include shelves and drawers and spaces to even have a small fridge and a coffee machine. It all depends on what you want. Our team is willing to suggest you details clients usually include at your convenience.

Cabins AND security huts highly flexible and adaptable to all environments 

Security Huts with Mobile Toilets in UK are especially useful when having a touristic area, citizens find it more secure and more orderly when they find these reliable spaces, especially in places that are new to them. In a poll taken in the most important cities in the UK, the public was asked about their sense of safety in buildings where there are security huts. According to it 73 % of the population would have a better sense of safety so that proves that it is not only convenient but also beneficial to have a security hut. 

With us you can have your hut, including a restroom and any other specific details that you and your company consider important. It does not matter if you need to place them in an isolated area or in a forest area or on the beach, although all these areas mentioned have different surfaces our cabins are highly flexible and adaptable so there will not be much of a problem to get assembled on site in a matter of hours.

Karmod’s experience in Security Huts with Mobile Toilets best value

That is also a great advantage of our Security Huts with Mobile Toilets in UK; they can include the toilet and all the amenities you decide and still be very fast to set up. As they are manufactured in our facilities, they only will take the delivery time and the resources, as the space and some hours to be installed and functioning fully. 

There is no need to do more difficult or time consuming procedures, as long as you count with the terrain or location where they are going to be placed there will not be further efforts that you will need to do. Trust our experience and contact us to start.

Our security huts with toilets are perfect for any project

Karmod's portable Security Huts with Mobile Toilets in UK and fully customizable, ideally suited for any purpose, any location. Our portable security huts with toilets are safe, robust and versatile, our comprehensive range offers highly flexible office and hospitality solutions, each branded and customized to suit your exact requirements. Robust, secure and fully insulated, the GRP portable security kiosks with mobile toilets from our Karmod range are ideal for a host of different uses and occasions. 

Whilst the standard models are superbly functional by themselves, several additional features, such as electrical installation, built-in counters and security shutters, are also available, ensuring your GRP portable security kiosks with mobile toilets can be personalized exactly according to your needs.

Our most-popular range of on-site mobile kiosks with toilets

Karmod range of grp modular security huts with portable toilets and fully customizable, ideally suited for any purpose, in any location. Secure, robust and versatile, our extensive range offers enormously flexible accommodation solutions with each unit branded and customized to suit your exact requirements. Our portable Security Huts with Mobile Toilets in UK combines a comfortable security guard booth office space with a built-in toilet from our Karmod Series, giving you the best of both worlds. 

A partition divides the security booth and toilet unit, creating two separate areas, each with its own exterior door for individual access. One section opens up to a single security guard booth with sliding windows, while the other section offers washbasin toilet facilities. Depending on the onsite services available, this portable toilet unit may contain either a chemical or a full flush toilet. We also supply modular portable kiosks for use at entertainment venues where they are widely used for the sale of tickets, programmes and merchandise or as betting booths and information centers. With their flexible functionality and superior branding capabilities, the look and use of our portable kiosks are truly only limited by your imagination!


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