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Karmod Portable Disabled Toilet Quick and Easy

When dealing with disabilities on our side we can always be in a challenging situation as it requires planning, concentration and well allocation of resources. You need to bring all the necessary items for them to be comfortable enough and make their environment friendly. Sometimes they can even be spending long term hours in activities and it is necessary to have showers, rest rooms and a complete area for them specially. 

We have vast experience in providing specially designed Portable Disabled Toilet Manufacturer, they can be for either the private or the public sector and depending on the number of units you can get a convenient model for your company or work team. Our special designed showers can be installed easily as the prefabricated structure comes ready in parts that just need to be set up. 


Portable Disabled Toilet with many details and all installations needed running

To do so there is no need to have expensive machines or all day long processes. These parts can be assembled on site and all that will be required is the space and our team will let them ready to be used. They have an internal system to work properly so water can start running without any problem. Some details like mirrors, hand sanitizers and others that you specifically wish can be included so do not hesitate to let our team know. 

We understand that you are looking after people with special conditions and they deserve a place which can provide hygienic conditions in Portable Disabled Toilet Manufacturer to keep their health and also to have a moment to rest or take a relax after a day full of tasks and work. In our experience the companies that we have worked the most with, in these conditions, have been from the health and care sector so we know how to set up the best structures for your people to have a special structure as needed.

Portable Disabled Toilet best choose Compared to a traditional structure

Not only a special rest room with a shower will wash away all the dust and dirt accumulated during the day, it is a place that helps your people to relax the muscles and gives them time to recover from whatever they have had to face during the day. It is worth investing and providing them with such a place. Also we understand how difficult it could be to have a shower room or a toilet in open spaces, with special features. 

Compared to a traditional way to provide a bathroom, that would take some weeks to have them constructed and some more to have all the installations to get them working, we provide a Portable Disabled Toilet Manufacturer solution which is time saving. Our structures are technology based solutions which can be ready to be used in a matter of hours or days. We have the advantage to manufacture the prefabricated structure in our facilities. So during the design stage you will provide us with all the specific details that you want your space to have.

Portable Disabled Toilet remote areas around all Europe

Then we will elaborate your unit or units following those specifications. In the case that your place is located in a remote area you do not have to worry because our structures are ready for it. In fact, we have experience working in remote areas around all Europe, and though you still need to count with the space, we can surely get to you, and you can have the specially designed toilets that you need wherever you are. 

Since its introduction to the market our company has gained more and more preference from the market. We are proud of offering the best Portable Disabled Toilet Manufacturer structures and having the highest quality customer service so contact our sales team, we are just a click away from you.

Specially Designed Disabled Toilets Quick and Easy

Karmod FRP portable disabled toilets is a leading supplier of wheelchair GRP portable accessible toilets suitable for easy access and the disabled. Here at Karmod we pride ourselves on catering for everyone to a high quality, and we won’t be beaten on comfort, accessibility and luxury. We provide a variety of portable disabled toilet units in our Portable Disabled Toilet Manufacturer range, including a high specification changing places unit for the most physically challenged. We have standard options as well as luxury options to make our facilities fit in with the type of event you are organizing.

Accessibility is a major component of Karmod portable disabled toilets

Food and drink for everyone with accessible portable disabled toilets with space for caregivers. Our range of disabled toilets has been designed in compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and industry best practices, with outward opening doors and spacious interiors to allow wheelchairs to complete a full circle of turns. These standalone Portable Disabled Toilet Manufacturer units can be placed anywhere and are ideal for campsites, schools, tourist attractions, recreational facilities, indeed any place where accessibility for everyone is a goal. Accessibility is a major component of portable disabled toilets and ours have a variety of features to reflect this including non-slip flooring, folding seat over shower trays, emergency call alarms, wheelchair access and large floor spaces.

Wheelchair Accessible Portable Disabled Toilet

Our high dependency mobile disabled toilet unit is ideal for the use of up to two careers and a disabled toilet cabin person as its large size makes it easy to access. The unit is Karmod endorsed, and the technology includes an automatic tracking hoist, support handrails, a height-adjustable changing couch, and emergency call alarm. Even our Portable Disabled Toilet Manufacturer units have large wheelchair access space and can accommodate an extra person. Handrails and large easy access doors mean that there will be no difficulty whatsoever in utilizing these special needs facilities.

Whether you’re providing amenities for employees, guests or members of the public, it is vital that the portable disabled toilet and shower units you provide are fully accessible by everyone. All our mobile disabled toilet units are fully compliant to the 2011 Equality act, ensuring that all units can be used safely and with as much ease as possible.



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