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Karmod respectful with the environment with our portable toilets

Looking for an instant solution? A practical and useful way that works as a solution for you? You are on the right website, our Toilet Cabins - Portable cabin Toilets for Sale and portable shower and toilet cabins are what you are looking for. You do not have to keep looking any longer, our structures offer a complete solution for the event or project that you have. We care about the environment and we are respectful with it so our portable toilets use mostly water, in the right amount, and we avoid using chemical solutions so as not to contaminate the environment. 

You can see all the previous projects that we have had so to make yourself a visible idea on the sizes that we offer. As mentioned before our structures can be tailored right at your requirement so they are versatile and can be customized with all the details and specifications you consider necessary and important. 

Karmod Portable cabins which include special equipment and spaces

Maybe you are just looking for a Toilet Cabins - Portable cabin Toilets for Sale or you need a portable toilet that can include a shower or even a dressing room; well all those options are pretty possible as combinations are allowed, do not feel short in asking what you are looking for and have the solution with us. We will be more than glad to let you know our products and the range of possibilities that you can have with us. Our portable cabins can include special equipment and spaces; like for example drawers for towels or a space for hand sanitizer or hand dryer. 

It can also include electrical connections for hair dryers or any other appliance that you would like to use inside them. We provide this solution as an eco-friendly alternative and it can be placed in a very easy way in places or spaces such as a garage, a boathouse, a workshop or even a guests’ cabin. In every place where you need a portable toilet we will be offering you the right solution.

Portable cabin Toilets that preserve the hygienic conditions of the place and for the attendees

We have designed and put in the market out Toilet Cabins - Portable cabin Toilets for Sale to be a practical, economical and eco-friendly choice for all our customers. Sometimes they are the best solutions for public natural spaces such as the woods, lakes or beaches where families, friends and all kinds of public go to spend a wonderful time to enjoy a natural landscape. 

These kinds of spaces need to be protected and valued. That is why we care about preserving both the hygienic conditions of the place and the attendees and the beautiful scenarios which bring fresh air and beauty. This is the small grain in the list of all contributions we can make in order to preserve nature; our toilet cabins are an essential part of the solution to the conservation of public natural areas. Thus, families that go out together to these places can feel relieved that they will have a portable toilet right there for them.

Portable cabin Toilets for Sale manufactured respecting all setting outs you need and demand

This solution will be more economical to install than a conventional toilet, in fact it will also save you valuable time. And the fact that it saves water is a huge perk, since the reduction of water consumption is a matter of importance in all areas of life today because it contributes to the awareness of the use of water and the use of simple solutions to make it possible. 

You have our Toilet Cabins - Portable cabin Toilets for Sale made of steel and manufactured respecting all settings you need and demand installation is easy and practical and our team will make it in a matter of hours depending more on the number of units that you will need. We are just a click away.

Stunning Affordable Toilet Cabin Designs

Karmod toilet cabins and portable shower  and toilet cabins solutions can be used instantly. That way they offer convenient and complete equipment, tailored to your requirements. In addition, we use fresh water instead of chemicals in our Toilet Cabins - Portable cabin Toilets for Sale and sanitary solutions to provide an environmentally friendly solution! We can supply toilet cabins and portable shower cabins in the following dimensions and sizes, all of which can be combined and extended.

We have decades of experience in providing toilet cabin solutions with clean and environmentally friendly equipment, using fresh water instead of chemicals: our high-quality Portable cabin toilets and shower cabins are available in various sizes and come with numerous equipment options. Thanks to the flexible modular prefab design, the toilet cabin and Portable cabin shower can be extended as required or combined with our portable toilet cabins. See for yourself! You can use our Portable cabin toilets In all areas of your private or professional life. Karmod, the leading toilet cabin supplier. Unbeatable price.

Toilet Cabin Manufacturer - Factory Direct Price Toilets

Within the crowded and vast overpopulated world we live in, the demand for basic requirements is increasing. Mobile Toilet Cabins - Portable cabin Toilets for Sale can provide some relief to the ever growing demands of working environments and take some of the strain from on-site needs and requirements. Portable cabin toilets can vary in capacity depending on the specific function and requirement needed. Portable toilet cabins can be a great solution for many businesses. Mobile toilet cabins are an efficient and convenient appliance to utilize and use with minimal disruption on site, providing a hygienic and safe contained environment for use.

Karmod can now supply a brand new range of steel toilet cabins, in a range of sizes and layouts - from a 150x150 toilet to a 270x270 toilet cabin with multiple portable toilet cabin facilities, including a shower. These toilet cabins are of a robust, anti-vandal construction, and are built to last. While fully Toilet Cabins - Portable cabin Toilets for Sale, they are ideal for temporary sites and public events, but also make an excellent permanent fixture at campsites, visitor attractions and industrial sites. We call these our Karmod mobile toilet cabins. We also sell a range of plastic and chemical mobile toilets. See our full range of portable toilet cabins.


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