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Product Details

Now UK count with Karmod one of the leader companies in the market of prefab buildings

You can be relieved because our company will provide you with portable restrooms easy to use and a hundred percent customizable. If you were looking for a partner in an event or special occasion you have found the right one: Karmod. Now the UK can count with one of the leading companies in the market of prefabricated buildings. With our company working for you, you will be able to fully focus on the development and success of your event. 

When there are people gathering for a number of reasons that can go from work or projects or even more private events like birthday parties or anniversaries we are there to provide you with Mobile Toilets for Sale in UK. We have more than 35 years of experience in the market and our customers within the UK can be sure that they will have the service they need and demand.

Mobile Toilets for Sale in UK suits you the best

You have your event in mind and you are the one who knows exactly the kind of structure that will be needed, for you are the one who knows about the amount of people coming or the amount of time that it will take. So we are more than interested in letting you tell us what you need to have the best Mobile Toilets for Sale in UK units for you, the amount and sizes you demand. 

Do not hesitate in giving as all the details as everything counts. Our sales department is interested in contacting you, so give us a call or a message on Whatsapp you can review our catalog if you need to in order to decide what you want. We will be more than glad to answer all your queries and what is more we will guide you so you will have all the information you need in order you can choose what suits you best.

Karmod portable toilets are resistant and strong

Made of steel, our portable toilets are resistant and strong, at the same time they are very adaptable and can be stored and placed easily. All systems required to work are easy to install and come ready to do so. So in a matter of hours you will have your structure ready to be used. Your team and attendees will be comfortable and safe using our Mobile Toilets for Sale in UK. It is well known that germs and bacteria can be harmful for public health and when not stored adequately they can be dangerous, even animals and other species can be affected. 

We feel compromised with keeping our health and environment in good condition. If technology has advanced well, then why not take advantage of it in the sanitary solutions as well? We are committed to getting solutions based on technology for we believe that there is possible to make technology and its use the best in terms of getting sanitary solutions. 

Mobile Toilets with all comfort and cleanliness for the users

We also aim to be inclusive so we include amenities for disabled people so they can use them with all comfort and feel like they are being considered. Likewise, the Mobile Toilets for Sale in UK brings a sensation of cleanness to the attendees and they will see your concern about being careful with their health and being inclusive for considering all the details. 

If needed a space for changing babies can also be included. We know that both stages; pregnancy and the first years of life of babies. What better way to show respect and kindness to such amazing stages in life than with the supply of spaces where the mom and the baby can feel safe and be relaxed for they will be able to change the baby's diaper without any concern. You are just one click away, contact us.

Easy To Use Mobile Toilet Units for Sale

Karmod Portable Cabin builds a comprehensive line of temporary accommodation & Mobile Toilets for Sale in UK, perfect for use in construction, rail, event and utility sectors. Our mobile toilet facilities are perfect for companies who are looking for high-quality mobile toilet units with hybrid, fuel-saving and emission-reducing features as standard. When you choose us as your Mobile toilet facility manufacturer, there is no need to compromise on any aspects of your units. 

All of our outdoor mobile toilet units come with modern cubicles and can be driven directly onto site. Within a matter of moments clean, comfortable and spacious mobile toilet provisions will be ready to use on site. All of our mobile toilet units for sale are ideally suited for outside events, commercial and residential construction projects. With added extras such as mirrors, hot water, coat hooks and ventilation our mobile toilet units for sale are a smart choice for any event or project.

Mobile Toilet Units for Construction Sites

Karmod Mobile Toilets has a wide range of environmentally biased mobile and static mobile toilet units, ideal for construction sites. All of our state-of-the-art welfare units for construction sites are fully compliant with the relevant health and safety laws. Working on a trackside project and making sure that all the correct railway mobile toilet facilities at work are in place, can sometimes be a daunting task due to unhelpful terrain conditions. However, with the range of Karmod rail industry vehicle-mounted and mobile railways mobile toilet units; a welfare set-up can be put together with the minimum of hassle. Karmod produces a wide range of sustainable and Mobile Toilets for Sale in UK that will ensure that all contractors working on an event or festival set-up have the correct mobile toilet provisions, directly on site. 

Our event management trailers will provide you with everything you need to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Karmod Portable cabin has an ingrained policy of continual development to ensure that all products provide the highest level of user comfort with unrivaled levels of build quality. Whilst being easy to use and to clean and maintain on a daily basis. Our mobile toilet units are forever evolving and ensure that the need for compromise is completely unnecessary.


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