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Product Details

Karmod provide restrooms, changing rooms and toilets with showers

When dealing with long term projects all the planning is challenging, additionally you may need to bring all the necessary items for your employees so that they can work away from home but feeling as comfortable as if they were there. We can provide you with restrooms, changing rooms and toilets with showers, their success lies in the remarkable sophistication and ruggedness of the manufacturing process. Our Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks for Sale UK are not only stronger, lighter, stiffer and more durable - Karmod’s unparalleled expertise means uniformity of wall thickness and the perfect strength to be achieved. You need to know that we offer a great number of features and the quality and specification of fittings, according to what you want. You and your team will have a nice space where to relax after a working day. You can also have a common area where all workers can gather together.

Campsite Toilet to provide with a space where they can feel comfortable enough and relax

Over the years we have been part of many different projects, some of them have been for the public sector in rural areas, especially when they have been part of national programs. In addition, we have participated with private companies as well; especially for the mining and the construction sectors. We have always kept our higher standards in all the works we have had, regardless of the sector we were serving. For us it is really important to provide workers from different companies with a space where they can feel comfortable enough and relax: Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks for Sale UK can always are spacious and they can include amenities that your company consider so that they can be as useful, practical and, why not, as pleasant as you want. We have the experience you need to be part of your project providing the best product with the highest customer service.

European Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks 

We have been in the prefab construction area for more than 35 years and we have witnessed the increase in demand as well as the introduction of the use of technology as more advances improving such an important area. We have been supplying companies with technology based solutions and our clients have enjoyed the best of these combinations. We have gained a positive acceptance in the European market providing Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks for Sale UK, our clients acknowledge our experience and we do our best to give them the most suitable solutions. From the very first contact we have with our customers we want them to know and feel like they can consult everything with us. Maybe you have been thinking about a toilet and a shower with a particular set up for your company and you are full of queries about it. Well, we gladly invite you to ask us as many questions as you need to gather information before making any decision about a portable toilet.

Shower Blocks for Sale UK projects with a valuable insight 

The size and the number of units are not a problem for us since we have the capacity to manufacture as many as you need or we even can have them already in storage. We kindly invite you to check the Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks for Sale UK in our catalog to see the projects we have done before, they will give you a valuable insight so you can visualize it and use what your project demands. We know that these kinds of structures are to be in place beforehand so that your workers can have it all installed and ready to use as soon as they are there to work. Contact our sales department to know more details about how long the process will take; we take charge of the design, then we go through the fabrication and delivery. We are a click away.

Camping Showers and Toilets' At Discounted Prices

Karmod was founded in 1996 as a specialist portable cabin company focused on the complete refurbishment and equipping of commercial toilets, particularly toilet facilities and changing rooms. The projects we serve are carried out in many sectors, including education, offices, healthcare, leisure and entertainment. Our team of Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks for Sale UK design engineers, project managers, and on-site teams are dedicated to providing quality bespoke event solutions. Years of expertise will be available to advise you, from initial consultation to completion and collection. 

For years, people have trusted us to deliver everything from production offices to locker rooms and ticket offices to camp toilets and shower blocks. Cleanliness and high quality camping showers and toilets we understand that access to the facilities is almost always at the top of the camper's checklist. That's why we've put time and effort into making sure our bright and modern, award-winning camping toilet facility doesn't block out something we can be proud of. Men and women have a lower sink and toilet for children to use independently. We can produce toilet and shower units faster for new camping toilet areas, let us know your requirements and we will produce the most suitable and affordable layout for you.

Unrivaled build quality - inside and out

We have separate, spacious, accessible Campsite Toilet and Shower Blocks for Sale UK facilities and a family camping toilet equipped with a baby changing unit to ensure everyone has the utmost comfort and consideration. We can even give you Camp showers and toilets if needed, whether you're setting up an extra luxury glamping spot or need to make your campsite more Covid safe by offering more restrooms, we've got a cottage for you! We also have disposal points for both chemical toilets and gray water waste. In commercial toilets, we are used to designing spaces that are fit for purpose and long-lasting. 

Considering this, we demand that the brands we work with do exactly the same. We break down our product line into manageable parts of all the components you're likely to need. That's why we're pleased to announce our ties to some of Europe's leading mustache companies. This ensures that we can provide the most up-to-date camping toilet products for you, backing them with reliable warranties and competitive and affordable prices.


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