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Product Details

Karmod Modular Workforce Housing

Being in charge of a construction project is something amazingly exciting, teams from different areas gather to consult and coordinate every step of the long way before the team in situ can start the job itself. Sometimes the whole team needs to move to the exact Modular Workforce Housing or place where the project is going to be held. We know that working out of town can be an exhausting labor for all the teams since the employees will be leaving home for a while and will not be able to see or be with their family members sometimes for weeks or even for months. So, it is a hard thing to do but the reward of this kind of job is amazing. 

The results sometimes become the reason for development to a whole town, Camp buildings or community and that is simply amazing. It can be an electrical energy station, a dam, a mining project, or any other major national project that requires your team to travel across the country in order to get to the place where it is going to take place.

Camp buildings for programs of infrastructure and projects 

The economic infrastructure programs and projects are basically and commonly: ports and they can be held over the sea or over big and large rivers. They can also be trade centers in the middle of the city and the areas in which economic transactions take place. Also, there can be a wide variety of projects regarding Energy; road transport, fundamental network; road transport, local roads, and urban roads. 

All of these have in common the same, they need a team to move in situ & Camp buildings so that they can get this project going. We are the partner that you are looking for, we provide your team with the best modular workforce housing, all what they need in order to make these days away from home the most valuable experience. It is rewarding to know that you are going to take part in such important projects, but we know that also you need planning so to have the right tools, adequate equipment, and the most important part; you need your team to feel good with you there.

Comfort modular workforce housing

Motivation and comfort can go together and in fact together they can get incredible results. We understand how important it is to have the right spaces, even in the most remote areas. And it is important for you to know that even in rural communities or crowded cities it still could be possible for us to reach you and your team with the highest quality in modular workforce housing. 

We have developed the way in order to manufacture prefabricated structures and Camp buildings in the less time possible and we have the experience that your project team needs in order to make the divisions of the spaces that you want. For example, you may need a common area for meetings or a multi use room in which you and your team can get together to have the coordination of the day or the week. 

Karmod Camp building with a canteen or common dining 

You can even think of a restroom and dressing room where your workers can have a moment to relax and have time for themselves in private, your restrooms inside of a Camp building can have everything installed and be as comfortable as your team needs them to be. 

Also we can offer you modular workforce housing spaces for your team to have a meal together, a canteen or common dining room with everything it requires in terms of spaces and divisions so that the people in charge of it can work easily and efficiently. All you need to do is to contact our sales department as soon as you can.


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