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Product Details

Labour Accommodation Cabins in situ ideal for big construction project 

There is nothing as exciting as a new building project about to start and a team that will be willing to make the effort to be away from home to gladly have it done. Having a project that is developed in situ, like for example an important and big construction project is exciting and it is also something that will require your company to have the facilities for your work team. Labour Accommodation cabins are something that they will value especially if they need to spend one or more nights in situ. 

These kinds of projects can also be a remodeling or an extension project, whatever the case is and if you may need some space for your workers you can count with us. Karmod is a company based in Turkey and with a presence in all European markets of buildings and construction projects, we are the right specialist you need to get all your workers and employees the best accommodation cabins and Portable Labour Camp for them.

No matter where your project is Portable Labour Camp are there too

Our Labour accommodations cabins can be as big as you need them to, there is actually not a big deal in getting them in the size you need them too, no matter where you need them to be located, we can reach there. Depending on the number of workers that your project has we can elaborate a solution for you, so do not freak out, the alternative that you are expecting to have, is right here with us with our labor accommodation cabins. 

Karmod company can provide you with Portable Labour Camp and more; yes, more. You may be wondering why or where this “more” comes from, well it is something we are more than willing to explain here so that you can have a big and first picture of what we do and what it can mean to your construction project. However, if you feel like you need to have more clarification and that the information given is okay but not enough, please we kindly invite you to contact our sales department, they will be more than happy to answer every query that you may possibly have.

Karmod experienced in elaborate Portable labour Camp solutions 

As you can see, we are interested in giving you information before starting anything regarding the project because we value our customers’ insight and there is no better way than having full information and keeping fluid communication since the very beginning. 

You can review our catalog since there you can find labour accommodations cabins and similar projects that we have carried on before. We have experience, but you can always check if what you want is something that we have done before or if it is something that will be completely new for us. We can elaborate a specific Portable Labour Camp solution for our work team depending on the specifications that you have.

Portable Labour Camp process design elaboration delivery and installation

There are the following stages that we have in the Portable Labour Camp process that we will explain in detail: design, elaboration, delivery, and installation. In the first stage we will keep constant contact with your company so that we can have every detail understood, also we will present you with the variety of options and alternatives that you will have for the finishes as well as for the divisions and all the special spaces that your Labour accommodation cabins will need. 

We are more than willing to let you know that our team is to guide you in this first stage as this is one of the most important in order to be able to provide you with what you are looking for. Then there is the elaboration which is held in our facilities and takes some weeks after the delivery and installation in situ, don’t wait no more and give as WhatsApp soon.


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