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Product Details

Mining camp accommodation for expansion of the Mining Infrastructure

When there is an exploration project resources are to be used wisely and the most possibly accurate. Mining Camp Accommodation projects means the design, development, financing, construction, ownership, operation, maintenance, modification or expansion of the Mining Infrastructure, and any other related activities necessary for the conduct of Mining Activities (including any expropriation of land that is required for these purposes).

Most of these projects are held in remote areas where there are extreme climates and arid areas, and water as a resource itself is like a luxury, and also the lack of electricity installations can become an issue or a deterrent to any kind of project. However, with these conditions Karmod Lodges & Villages are important for the mining sector and allows them to continue with the operations in situ and therefore their workers have to organize in teams and go there. Sometimes the exploration phases can last for months and professionals from diverse areas will have to gather there in order to develop their tasks.

The best quality in Karmod Lodges & Villages products

Engineering and optimization studies can take several weeks so mining accommodation will be necessary. We understand your need and you could not be in a better website as we have what you are looking for. We offer mining camp accommodation for your teams of workers; we can provide your workers with safe and comfortable accommodation and what is more they will have a functional space where they will be able to perform their task ideally as feeling like home is not that far away.

They may need spaces with different uses and that is what we can prepare for them. We can have your structure made with the indications and specifications you want and need to have and the quality that you can expect from a company that has the best quality in their Lodges & Villages product and the best professionals to serve your needs. Evolution in the construction area is a reality now, and it has allowed technology based solutions to all customers who are willing to make a decision that can include a modern alternative. Since their arrival prefabricated structures have evolved and happily it has been for a better outcome.

Prefabricated modular construction and mining camp accommodation solutions

As time passes, we see technology in areas that before could not even count, everyday advances are reached and as any other area that wants to grow and keep developing, the construction sector has not remained unaffected. With the application of technological advancements, the construction sector has grown and evolved, some finishes are now more sophisticated and luxury than before and also the introduction of prefabricated modular construction and mining camp accommodation has improved.

Our company has been dedicating efforts to keep up with all these changes and that is how we have reached different countries in the market of Lodges & Villages construction, complying with different demands and cultures.

Lodges & Villages structures keep comfortable thanks they thermal insulation system

We have been successful in the construction market, especially in prefabricated structures. We compromise with giving the customer an option in which they will be able to participate from the design and elaboration of their mining camp accommodation thus they will be able to focus on the core of their business and we will be in hand with them providing their work teams with the space that they need and will be able to use for months.

Our Lodges & Villages structures can keep a nice inside environment since they have a thermal insulation system. The main purpose of insulation is to limit the transfer of energy between the inside and outside of a system so whether outside it is an extreme weather it will not be affecting the inner part. Also, though they are light to transport they are robust, don’t hesitate to contact us soon.


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