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Product Details

Remote accommodation camps in electrical power stations

Some companies require their employees in situ so that they can perform their work, as the nature of it needs them to be there. The kind of projects that will require this particular situation can be the ones that are of national importance as electrical power stations, water reservoirs or dams, mining exploration projects, bridges, shopping mall centers and other similar ones. 

These are the kind of projects in which infrastructure as Construction Camps is needed and the team that is going to develop it is going to stay there for weeks or even months. It is important that if your company is in charge of providing the labor hand to carry on these kinds of projects it can count with the special needs and demands that the workers may need. Everybody knows that a well-motivated worker can add more to their team if they feel comfortable and if they have the tools and equipment to do so. That is why the conditions of Remote Accommodation Camps are so important and almost decisive.

Construction Camps a smart and affordable decision in terms of accommodation

A company that cares about their employees makes a smart decision when they invest in the conditions of Construction Camps infrastructure that their employees will be able to access. Of course, sometimes these are not the cheapest of options in the market but in a cost benefit analysis it is best to invest than to leave it completely neglected. We are Karmod, a company with nearly 4 decades of experience and presence in the market as part of the vast offer of solutions for remote accommodation camps. 

Our company cares about your employees as much as you do and that is why we offer remote accommodation camps; in other words, we go with your team wherever they need to go as the company has different projects in different parts of the country. Our remote accommodation is affordable and one that is easy to install and get ready to be used by your project team. Whatever you need in terms of accommodation for your campsite we can take care of and install or add to our prefabricated structure.

Karmod transportable accommodation and camp facilities

Our range of transportable accommodation and camp facilities is innovative in design, extending from mobile or fly-camp solutions to full and permanent Construction Camps and mining camps. Our portable, prefabricated buildings allow for significant flexibility, thanks to their modular design, and the convenience of adding or removing buildings as your project needs change. Remote accommodation camps are needed, and it is important to keep it up to cover all the needs that your work team or group can have. 

Let’s go out a bit from the work needs and think of a group that does not have to do necessary work. Let’s think of a business that wants to offer accommodation to travelers that want to experience something new. Like for example staying in a remote area out of the city or out of town just to live a new experience. 

facilities like gymnasiums, offices, fully furnished rooms in Karmod Camps for accommodation

Well, our remote accommodation camps can also be used and adapted to be part of your accommodation business. They are easy to transport, which means that we will be able to carry them wherever you need them to. So, now you know that you can count on our products and services to provide you with Construction Camps for accommodation. 

You can trust us, and we handle all the transport and installation, so you are left to attract the best staff for your project by providing them with the best too. With premium facilities like gymnasiums, offices, fully furnished rooms, catering and water facilities, your team will feel comfortable working away from home.


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