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Product Details

Modular Mining Camps like a home space

If you are a mining company ready to start operations or exploration activities, we can provide you with the most efficient modular mining camps. Our site accommodations can include all kinds of spaces such as toilets and shower cabins, enabling your team to be as comfortable as they can be, making the cabin a home-like space. There are always different needs that are more particular depending on each group and we understand and do all that is in our hands in order to keep up with what they request. 

Our modular mining camps and Global Site Solutions are not only easy to install, but also spacious and stylish and they can include everything your work team could need after a hard day at work - from somewhere they can relax and get a good night’s sleep, to somewhere where they can work efficiently. So, you can rely on the complete service that we provide as we commit with it from the beginning and until it is installed and functioning.

Karmod Global Site Solutions structures are eco friendly

You can think of amenities such as thermostat-controlled heating, wardrobe, shelving, or another storage spaces that you think as necessary or important, in fact, anything to be implemented in our modular mining camps will be taken into account, our work will be to make it sure you can have it installed and working. Along the years Karmod has made efforts to use technological advances in the construction area, developing the best solutions for you. 

We have almost forty decades in the market of construction, providing alternatives to our customers so that they can have more than just the traditional way of building with bricks and cement. Our Global Site Solutions structures are eco friendly since its elaboration generate less residuals and also it is efficient in energy saving as they can preserve heat and include energetical solutions that will make it possible for your team and your company to make use of renewable energy thus you will be cooperating with the world to preserve the green environment. Also compared to other companies we provide our experienced and professional team who are not only the masters of prefabricated structures but also, we proudly say that the best customer service ever wanted.

Modular mining camps specifically designed for the needs of our clients 

The modular mining camps we offer are specifically designed for the needs of our clients whether they need the storage of materials, tools and equipment on construction sites or the accommodation for their work team. 

Spaces are distributed in the best way possible and this is where our team will guide you to make the most of your space and our structures so the combination will be both efficient and adequate. Our Global Site Solutions structures are a hundred percent adaptable, so do not worry about the how, we will surely find the way to make it. 

Karmod modular mining camps prefabricated structures for miners 

Our modular mining camps are also suitable for overflow storage in retail applications or temporary storage in a variety of other situations, just to mention the adaptability and flexibility of our structures. So that you can rely on our work. You can take a look at our catalog here on this website and see other similar projects. 

That will not only give you an idea of our work but also will give you an idea in case you wish to have a prefabricated structure but still do not have a draft of the design. Karmod has many layouts available for you and we can also customize our Global Site Solutions prefabricated structures to your special and unique needs, tastes, and preferences. We will be glad to have your communication about any specific needs that you require. Do not wait anymore, we are just one click away.



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