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Product Details

Karmod has solutions to almost all kind of food Kiosk or fast food businesses

You have all the recipes in your mind, you know exactly how you want your business to be, how the dishes will be and even how your customers will be queuing for having one more serve, you have almost it all. What is making you low? Is it the cost budget? Is it the lack of an appropriate space? If you knew that you are just some lines above from the respective solution, would you skip reading it all just to go straight to it? We are more than glad to let you know that you have reached the right place. 

We have solutions for almost all kinds of food or fast food businesses that need a space. We manufacture fast food kiosks and Portable Food Kiosk - Mobile Food kiosks For Sale UK totally customizable and a hundred percent reliable. Our models can be easily adapted for a variety of projects, for short term or even longer term, so they can be used for specific events or for being in use for longer in more fixed places.

Mobile Food kiosks For Sale UK that let your brand be visible to your public

All our Portable Food Kiosk - Mobile Food kiosks For Sale UK models have been designed to be a versatile solution for nearly any industry, especially for fast food or any similar. You may already have something in mind if that is the case feel free to let us know what your idea is. We can surely complement it; our team is more than eager to guide you in all the steps of the process. 

The design stage takes place from the moment you get in touch with us and start the order. We respect your style, and we understand that your brand needs to be visible to your public so that they can identify it by the letters style, the colors and even the size of the space where it functions. You can be sure that we are going to make all what is in our hands so as to help you gain presence in the market, with your own style and making your space an element of addition to your brand.

Karmod mobile Portable Food Kiosk can have all the details you need

Visibility is important as well as functionality; we can provide you with the best mix of both. Our mobile fast food kiosks can have all the details you need in the inside. They can have spaces for storage and cleaning for example as well as a space to make the payments respecting the format of your business. What is more, they can have systems installed so they can have electricity and water as needed. 

Temperature inside the Portable Food Kiosk - Mobile Food kiosks For Sale UK can keep harmony since they can be warm enough when the weather outside is hot and the contrary can be possible, it means they can provide you with a cool environment when the sun is the king of the weather outside.

Karmod Portable Food Kiosk offers the highest quality at the most competitive price

You can be cool and relax and your employees will have a nice transportable area where to fulfill your tasks. In addition, your customers will perceive that your employers and your Portable Food Kiosk - Mobile Food kiosks For Sale UK keep a nice and friendly atmosphere which will add to your image. Remember that customers can identify when employees are happy, and this is just another way to gain more visibility and preference from them. 

Your food service can easily become identifiable and recommendable, just by having a nice structure where it takes place, we are constantly evolving, and we know how to make the best out of the structure; we offer the highest quality at the most competitive price. Our added value is given mainly in the service we offer, we pride ourselves on having a team of professionals and technicians who are well prepared and have all the knowledge and skills you are looking for.

Fast Food kiosk Design & Food Stall For Sale

If you would like to deal with a company that can design, build, brand and install a catering food kiosk in a location of your choice then contact us. We offer bespoke, quality Portable Food Kiosk - Mobile Food kiosks For Sale UK designs for busy retail environments. We manufacture and source a huge range of catering equipment so that you can maximize your return on your investment. Food Kiosk sizes from 2.4m upwards. We manufacture everything from budget school units to full retail units for high profile locations. If you want to be seen, we will help you with branding too.

Catering food kiosks present a highly flexible and scalable option for food service and can be fully customized to suit your location and offering.

Food Kiosks come in many shapes and sizes to suit different food offerings, available spaces, mobility requirements and brands.

Mobile Food kiosks with different internal fit-outs depending on your needs

Catering Food kiosks often feature different internal fit-outs depending on the offering, with various cooking and preparation appliances installed to suit.

Similarly, Portable Food Kiosk - Mobile Food kiosks For Sale UK can house bar equipment to serve cold drinks using kegs, taps and other fixtures to replicate the bar set-up. Larger units are typically better suited to allow for equipment space.

Typically, you’ll find street food traders on busy high streets and parks, by the roadside, festivals, visitor attractions, sports stadia, venues and events.

Suppose you are responsible for an area with multiple food outlets. Food Kiosks offer uniformity and brand consistency throughout. This element is particularly relevant for sports venues tying in with their club’s brand.

If you’re looking to get set up quickly, or only over a short space of time like at a festival, you will find catering food kiosks a more flexible option than brick & mortar alternatives. However, food trucks or Portable Food Kiosk - Mobile Food kiosks For Sale UK are the next step up in terms of movability and are best suited to pitch in multiple locations


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