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Product Details

A Karmod security kiosk UK a friendly service

Security Kiosks UK, GRP Security Guard Kiosk are the best way to keep surveillance in a place, people feel more prone to go inside a when they see a security kiosk and also they feel more confident to ask for anything there, ranging from offices that they need to go to addresses they are looking for. A security kiosk can always offer a friendly service when coming as a visitor to a new place and also they play a key role in supporting security aspects of the main building. 

As they are independent you will not have to worry about the way they are going to be installed or if you may need to hire people to make a new building. Actually, one of the advantages that our company offers is that we can install our structures completely outside your main building and it has all that is needed in order to function, since desk spaces to lights and electrical plugging in.

Security Kiosks UK complies with international safety standards 

The modular kiosks represent a modern solution and a concept of revolution and style because their use allows one to take into account the minimum space and provide comfort, without losing sight of the usefulness of each environment of the structure. These are resistant to ambient humidity and abrasive heat, which allows them to be installed in different geographies without representing a major problem. In Karmod we proud ourselves for having and working with the most qualified technical team that makes the installation possible on site, providing all the capacity for its transfer and its armed debt. 

The company complies with the rules of international transport both by sea and by land, in this way it can be sent to any part of the world, so no matter where you are there we will be. The dimensions with which our Security Kiosks UK, GRP Security Guard Kiosk have been designed for the needs of each of our customers, following this line we have portable kiosks that range from 390 X 390m to 390 X 1230m.

GRP Security Guard Kiosk ideal for structures of surveillance

The use of Security Kiosks UK, GRP Security Guard Kiosk is ideal for surveillance cabins, structures for cabins and roofs, ideal for holidays, beaches, parks, shopping centers, parks, ticket and ticket sales points and various spaces in which one is required. Small, safe and comfortable space is ready to be used once it is installed. 

Since in its elaboration, galvanized metal profiles are used, its construction is allowed in dry, and it is decided to be folded in cold and assembled as structural frameworks with vertical and horizontal uprights. Among the structures is polyurethane foam, a material with suitable properties to insulate all types of areas both thermally and acoustically, on the other hand, the floor is covered with cement particle board and the inside is coated with white gelcoat, providing high resistance. 

Karmod portable Security Kiosks UK ready for you to use

Maybe you need a Security Kiosks UK, GRP Security Guard Kiosk in a supermarket, where all your customers will go in and out carrying their bags and you need to check whether the items they bring have been properly purchased or maybe you want to use them in the entrance of a massive events in order to control the tickets and make a verification of what it is allowed to have inside; whatever the use you may give the our portable security kiosk is ready for you to use them.

Our team will be waiting for your communication in order to let them know what you need, when you want them to be ready and where they are going to be placed. We want you to be part of your project and let us know all the details you need from us.

Top Quality Security Kiosks, Safe And Insulated

Karmod Security Kiosks UK, GRP Security Guard Kiosk specialises in the supply of secure and easy-to-install kiosks, modern portable buildings and cold rooms.

Modern Design

Built using new technology and the very latest in materials for a stunning, stylish design. Our Security Kiosks UK, GRP Security Guard Kiosk and portable buildings are extremely versatile and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including shops, security cabins, ticket & information kiosks, gate houses, offices, welfare units, catering buildings, coffee shops etc.

Karmod Security Kiosks UK are modular buildings ideal for multiples uses 

Karmod Kiosks’ portable security kiosks are versatile modular buildings, ideal for a host of uses and functionalities. Strong, durable, practical and fully insulated, we make sure our security kiosks are manufactured to the highest level of technical specification. Our Security Kiosks UK, GRP Security Guard Kiosk can be supplied in a wide range of sizes, colours and finishes, are easy to relocate and, best of all, ready for operation as soon as they are delivered. The perfect portable security kiosk for any setting!

Typical Applications

Security Kiosks, Guard Huts, Ticket Sales kiosks, Betting Shops, Programme Booths, Information Points, Catering Outlets, Retail Kiosks, Office


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