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Product Details

Karmod provide you with a great variety of sizes, colors and customization options in Security Gatehouse

Steel gatehouses can have multiple uses, they can be designed and suit individual specifications and applications. Our Heavy duty, low maintenance GRP and Steel Security Gatehouse, Site Security & Safety Cabin can be fitted out with a range of options from varying insulation levels and air conditioning through to full WC / Kitchen installations. 

Our company can provide you with a great variety of sizes, colors and customization options, we understand our clients need a cost effective solution for security personnel housing problems. They are manufactured fully off-site and can be installed with very little disruption, as opposed to a traditional brick building. This is a very attractive option to our customers who prefer a quick and useful solution rather than expensive ones. If you think that a security cabin can only be made of bricks it is time to let you know that there is more than that and that you can have an alternative which can be easy, flexible and cost effective.

Karmod supplies customers from different parts of the world with Security Gatehouse 

With us you can have it, we have more than 35 years in the industry, supplying customers from different parts of the world with prefab structures that can be used and placed as they need. Demands can be different and places can have their own characteristics, the best part of our Security Gatehouse, Site Security & Safety Cabin is that they can be installed in a matter of hours and exactly where you want them to be. 

People have always expressed their approval when there is a security cabin in the main entrance of the building they are visiting; it gives them the perception of security, order and control. It seems a simple solution to an unspoken demand for nobody will stay out of a building that does not have a security point but they will feel more confident to enter if there is guard in the entrance. 

Karmod security gatehouses to resistant hot and cold weather

We offer steel security gatehouses which can be resistant to both, hot and cold weather. These structures can be used not only as Security Gatehouse, Site Security & Safety Cabin, they can also be toll booths and even vending stalls. They are highly customizable, transportable and adaptable; we have realized how important it can be for our customers to decide and intervene more in the design and elaboration in their own structure. Though it may seem an exaggeration, security tolls can sometimes be the first contact point of the public and the company will do more if they can keep their style even from the entrance. 

It is important to have a nice atmosphere for your security personnel, sometimes security tolls are really small and independent from the main building and it is important to consider every detail within. 

Karmod offers an extensive range of Security Gatehouse & Safety Cabin

High performance double glazed thermally broken aluminum windows are designed to stop the transference of heat or cold. Our clients can have the freedom to add as much details as they need in order to have their personnel happy, working outside the main building. We offer an extensive range of Security Gatehouse, Site Security & Safety Cabin and optional extras including lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. 

Since it is going to be several hours working in the security stall, we understand that all our clients may need spaces that can provide their employees the most comfortable moments, we bring complete support from our initial quote and consultation right. We will manage the complete project through design, manufacture, delivery and installation and you can be part of it in every step, our professional team is more than prone to be guided by you. We are here in order to attend any sales inquiry that you may have. We pride ourselves by having a professional and technical team who will provide you a high quality service.

Karmod Security Gatehouse offer affordable cabins for all purposes

Multiple use of mobile modular Security Gatehouse, Site Security & Safety Cabin with more than 36 years of production experience and production system with latest technology we produce a special security gatehouse for you. We offer affordable cabins for all purposes such as Ticket sales booths, security guard cabins, buffets and sales offices.


We have been successful in supplying some of the largest car park management and security companies in the world, with reliable and safe Security Gatehouse, Site Security & Safety Cabin. We have developed a reputation as a reliable company across the UK. We have achieved this by supplying and manufacturing  GRP toll kiosks, GRP modular gatehouses and GRP security kiosks consistently on time and to a high standard for a range of commercial, industrial and security clients.

The of Security Gatehouse, Site Security & Safety Cabin Range of kiosks is specially designed to satisfy customer requirements for prefabricated kiosks and buildings suitable for use as Security Posts, Gatehouses, Pay Booths, Ticket Stands, Vending Stalls, Weighbridge Control Stations and Tourist Information Offices. Manufactured solely in the UK, if you require a high quality GRP gatehouse, kiosk or cabin – Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific requirements and receive a quotation.


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