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Product Details

We have specialized in providing an alternative in Site Accommodation

Site Accommodation Container UK has always been a key sector for the economy and the society, their increase can become an indicator of a boosting society and their decrease can be question of many factors, indeed there can be a number of factors that may affect this sector as labor wage rates or even harsh climatic conditions. There are many aspects that influence the cost of construction. Some are obvious: land acquisition, permits, and construction costs. Then there are the future costs or life-cycle costs to consider: maintenance, repair, replacement—the cost of keeping the facility and its systems up and running. That is why we have specialized in providing an alternative, a fresh option for temporary building demand. 


You are in the right place Karmod offers you excellent alternatives and many advantages in Container UK

That is when our sight turned to Site Accommodation Container UK portable buildings, these are structures which also have considerable economic advantages and this is because these kinds of buildings are constructed in factories, rather than onsite, enabling manufacturers to keep costs low. Have you thought about saving some money within the expansion phase of your company? Well now it is totally possible. They are also reusable, which means that they are ecologically friendly, as well as economically viable. 

You do not need to keep on searching, you are in the right place. We offer you excellent alternatives with as many advantages as you can indicate or demand. Forget about the long term waiting for your building to be ready as bricks are put together, containers UK are fabricated in our facilities and time reduces as once the parts are ready you only need to specify the delivery data and our team will be ready to go right where it is supposed to be and install your container. Every part is assembled on site, it may need up to 8 or less workers to get it done so you will be saving money.

Containers are a lot more affordable due to Karmod’s manufacturing system

Your Site Accommodation Container UK can take way less time to be ready compared to traditional building, thus your work will not be stopped for a longer period and your team will be waiting for shorter. These containers are a lot more affordable due to our manufacturing system. You do not have to care about the long term of months waiting. It can take us weeks or even days, depending on the size of your project. Our structures are tailor made which mean that they are elaborated as ordered and respect all the characteristics that you and your team or company needs. 


Karmod Site Accommodation buildings are a hundred percent transportable

If you are thinking that the surface you have is not flat and that it can represent a problem that will stop us from getting your cabin installed, you will be happy to know that no, our portable Site Accommodation Container UK can be installed in almost all kind of soils, as challenging as it may sound we are compromised to delivering what you need where you need it to be. Our buildings are a hundred percent transportable so here is one thing: if you are constantly in the need of movable accommodation and you worry about finding the right supplier you can count on us, in that trip you are not alone. 

Our customers are the reason for our existence and we are committed to being their partners in constructions. So when it comes to temporary sites we are aware that time is tight and that our structures will be the space your workers will need in order to hold on with their tasks. That is why we care for everything and rely on the quality that containers can always offer; in a nutshell, they are ideally compacted and this makes them a great option for you.


Construction Site Accommodation Container

There are many different uses for accommodation container units as site accommodation on construction sites. To name just a few, these include site offices, shower blocks, toilets, drying rooms, canteens, and sleeper containers.

This useful guide will outline some of the most important aspects of a good site accommodation container, and what you need to ensure before installing site accommodation containers at your construction site. Employees feel that they are better appreciated when their working environment is a pleasant one. This also applies in particular to site accommodation containers such as kitchens, changing and wash rooms or restrooms. Building a Site Accommodation Container UK with Karmod means creating the perfect basis for an optimum corporate climate. Our site accommodation containers encourage human interaction which then creates a positive atmosphere – and this pays dividends for the whole company.


Labor Site Accommodation Camps - Off-Site Construction

Modular construction offers many advantages for site accommodation container buildings: Thanks to the flexibility of modular construction, you can build Site Accommodation Container UK areas that grow with you and adapt to the development of the company at any time. When it comes to sanitary areas in particular, you can rely on the uncompromising quality that only modular construction can provide. All wet cells are prefabricated in the factory in consistent conditions and undergo constant quality controls – including the installation and tiling work. Professional standards of hygiene are paramount, of course.


Temporary Site Accommodation for Construction Sector

The logical symbiosis between ecology and economy makes Site Accommodation Container UK particularly attractive. Environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainability come together in Karmod's modular construction of new site accommodation container buildings or extensions to produce a truly intelligent design. Construction without thermal bridges, for example, and the high level of component insulation create site accommodation containers with excellent energy efficiency. A site accommodation container built by Karmod - the perfect calling card for your company.


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