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Product Details

Karmod since 1986 creating innovative solutions to companies that need a temporary site construction

When it comes to building and we think about modernity it is always about a style of building that emphasizes function and a streamlined form over ornamentation, it is about a style based upon new and innovative technologies of construction, particularly the use of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete. 

Karmod has been in the market since 1986 creating innovative solutions to companies that may need more space to grow or a temporary site construction in order to provide their work teams a comfortable place where they can be working and feeling as good as home. We provide a wide variety of ideas for solutions and you can feel relieved that our Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK can always be installed even on surfaces with irregular shapes. 


Karmod structures could last longer so it is up to the nature of your project

Maybe you need a canteen or rooms with nice restrooms to keep hygiene and comfort, well our company has the cabins for you ready to be delivered. We take care of the details our customers indicate, we listen to every specification and pay attention to make it. Your need for space is our passion and to find a solution to your need is our goal. 

You can move our Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK instantly it means that as soon as you do not need them anymore they can be transported wherever you need them again, there are no limitations. This can mean savings for your company for you will be making a one-time purchase with the option of reuse it or even rent it, and earn from it. However, our structures could last longer so it is up to you and to the nature of your project, in both scenarios we will be there to provide you the best offer in the market to supply you with the accommodation structure or cabin that you need.


Construction Site Cabins can be temporary or long-term and they can be customized

Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK are not new and their use has been increasing, we can see them in complexes and as houses or offices. So it means that they can be adapted, our team knows how to use them and make the perfect adaptation for you. They can be temporary or long-term and they can be customized to have all the features that you and your team may need. 

We know how important it is to have a comfortable place where your work can be safe from climate changes, likewise we understand that they need to have an enjoyable space where they can be both relaxed and productive. That is why we specialize in making the most of Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK, having their internal composition as an advantage. 


Our main compromise is to keep up with all the needs you have in site cabins

We also want to provide the alternative to customize the client's layout requirements so that your site cabin project will keep harmony with the style of your company. Arrangements and designs can be included respecting the size and you can count on an expert and technical team if you are not sure about what you want, we will be more than glad to provide you options. 

Electrical connections are not a problem since they are installed so all the electrical system is concealed before handing in our cabins or portable accommodations. Also a drainage system is set so you do not have to worry about water supply. Compared with other temporary buildings that need to be installed, the flat pack container cabin, Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK or accommodation is more stable, waterproof, and longer-lasting. It is a convenient and cost-effective option for temporary construction. We care for each detail and specification and you can be sure we will make them according to what you demand. Our main compromise is to keep up with all the needs you have timely and effectively.

Construction Site Cabins & Site Accommodation

Karmod manufactures and assembles portable Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK in its production facilities in UK and Turkey. We have been providing modern, sustainable buildings to a variety of industries since 1986. You may know us as Portable Facilities - same team, same quality, with a new name that reflects our work. 

With a wide variety of sizes and configurations to choose from, our portable Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK buildings can be tailored to suit a variety of functions, including modular offices and modular or mobile administration buildings. Alternatively, if a new building isn't a good fit, but you still need a quality product, we have a construction site cabin building to fit your construction and design needs.


Construction Site Portable Cabin Manufacturer

See how a new modular office and Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK provides a modern and comfortable working space. Constructed to high standards in a modern, off-site environment these construction site cabin buildings are sustainable, built to last and can be up to 65% faster to build than traditional construction methods. Businesses that can swiftly expand or contract and add new services or facilities in response to market conditions are well placed to grow or maintain their position as the economic landscape shifts. 

We’ve seen rapid growth in modular construction over the last five years as adding quick, quality Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK and site cabins is often a much better solution than relocating a business. Because, unlike traditional commercial or industrial office space, modular offices have flexibility built-in.


Portable Cabins for Construction Site

Using construction site cabin building modules saves you build time and ensures your project isn’t delayed by bad weather. Offsite construction while the building foundations are laid means you enjoy minimal disruption to your site, leaving you free to concentrate on your business. More efficient method than traditional construction, meaning you could save up to 55% on the cost of a conventional building. Because Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK are constructed in a factory setting, the quality of the build is far superior to something constructed on-site and the finished building will be robust, durable and subject to the same building regulations as traditional builds. 

Construction site cabins and Construction Site Cabins For Sale UK provides a sustainable solution to the environmental challenges of modern buildings. They produce less waste, both onsite and in the factory, and virtually all materials are recyclable.


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