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Different and varied alternatives to every kind of occasions with Karmod portable office

If you are looking for an easily assembled and portable solution for a new office that your business needs then you are in the right place, stop your research here with us you will have a comfortable office, eco-friendly surprisingly yet, not so expensive Portable Site Office Containers UK. During the last 36 years Karmod has been developing solutions to all kinds of businesses providing them with different and varied alternatives to every kind of occasion where a portable office may be needed. 

Sometimes our clients are companies which are in the phase of expansion, in such moments budgets are being adjusted and effectively allocated, and perhaps the first option that crosses their minds is to expand their spaces through the traditional way, so they only consider concrete building as an option, however it is one of the most expensive solutions.


Karmod structures are a hundred percent customizable!

However, it is just in those moments in which budgets can be limited. We understand it, and that is why we offer a pocket friendly solution; our Portable Site Office Containers UK will give you the space you are looking for with all the details and internal implementations you choose, yet in accordance with the style your company has. Our structures are a hundred percent customizable! And that gives you freedom to do as you choose. 

Do not wait anymore, go ahead and contact our sales department and you will be able to ask any doubts you have, we will be more than glad to be receiving them and finding the best solutions together. We understand that to keep the best service we need to listen to what our clients need to say, that has been key to every project we have had. That is why we put special emphasis on communication.


Karmod prefab structures according to what you need

Along the years we have identified that our clients need quick solutions to keep growing, that is why we have invested in research to get the best out of container structures and our aim is to provide high quality and cost-efficient Portable Site Office Containers UK. As they are assembled on site it takes highly comparative less time than traditional building to have them ready. 

Once they have been installed, they can be started being used. The sizes of the structures depend on what you need, maybe you need a sales department or a storage room, or any other space our team will adequate the container in order for it to have what your space needs. It does not matter where it is going to be installed since our portable site office containers are usually adapted to any kind of surface. 


Karmod Portable Site Office Containers UK with thermal insulation

You can see our previous models or projects here to make yourself an idea on how our work is. Maybe you are worried about resistance to weather changing conditions as we know that sometimes weather can vary in a very abrupt way and all of a sudden you could have a foggy morning turning into a sunny afternoon. 

Well weather is sometimes more unpredictable and more variable than we might desire, but you do not have to worry anymore, our Portable Site Office Containers UK provide thermal insulation so you could be able to stay inside with a friendly and comfortable temperature, regardless of the one outside. Our portable structures meet the needs you demand and we can take charge of your project from the beginning until the installation. Our team is expert in design, elaboration, delivery and on site installation so there is nothing to worry about. You can count on us as your partner in building.


Portable Site Office Container Should be This Fast and Easy

We’ve shipped our Portable Site Office Containers UK buildings all over the world since 1986. Our commercial and industrial units are 100% portable, built to stand up to the harshest conditions, and designed with the user in mind. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, cost-efficient portable site office container solutions on a timely basis, so contact us today for help with your next project!

No matter your industry, Karmod is your single source supplier for Portable site office, mobile container, and portable office space needs. finish modifications on a Portable Site Office Containers UK building to be used on a construction site, deliver a mobile office building to serve as the sales office at an upcoming golf championship, or work on a modular mobile classroom for the local school corporation needing additional classroom space. Learn more about our mobile containers and portable site office container solutions.


Custom Manufacturer of Commercial & Industrial Portable Containers

Karmod’s portable site office product line includes our mobile site office container and our portable site office containers which provide office space but without the need for steps and skirting.  These portable offices are often used as security booths, parking kiosks, ticket offices, first aid trailers, crew quarters, change rooms or as portable field offices on construction site containers.


Karmod portable containers Save 25-45% of costs compared to traditional construction!

Karmod portable site office container buildings are truly state-of-the-art in planning and design, in choice and quality of materials, in our demanding construction standards, and in our modern installation techniques. Your temporary or permanent portable site office container will be constructed off-site as your current site is prepared. This allows you to occupy your Portable Site Office Containers UK building 35-55% sooner. Saving 25-45% of costs compared to traditional construction! We have a number of standard portable site office container building floor plans to choose from.  

Don’t see one that meets your needs?  No worries.  We can modify any floor plan, or create one 100% from scratch to create a unique portable site office container space just for you! Our dedicated sales team would be interested in using our experience and rich modular history to provide you with a portable site office that you will not only love, but be proud to call your office


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