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Modular Office Accommodation for temporary accommodation

If you are in the construction industry or maybe in the mining industry it is possible that you and your team will have to spend some periods of time away from home, maybe even away from the city in a remote area. These kinds of projects are necessary for most of the time; they are a crucial part of the development of a city or the country. 

These kinds of projects demand companies and teams to have long term plans and especially to know that during that time they will be at the project's disposal and probably far from home. Your company will have to deal with the fact that your work team will have needs that you will need to supply, like modular accommodation for example, temporary accommodation for the time that they will be working away from home. The project can have diverse natures like for example road construction or maintenance or even water dams.

Karmod provide modular office accommodation

Whatever it is about you can count on us to be the partner you need to provide your team the best accommodation with the spaces that they will need to feel like being away from home is nothing but a temporary situation that does not have to be so different. There are several factors you should consider when providing accommodation, including whether the work activity is in a metropolitan, regional or remote area and whether temporary or permanent accommodation will be used. 

Our company will go with you from the planning stage until you get to the place where the project will take place. We have the modular office accommodation you are looking for ready for you and your team and to be the right place while you will be working away from home. They can have all the requirements and details that you think you and your team will need and the best part is that they will be designed having in mind all the indications that you will tell us.

Karmod modular office accommodation such as a house or hotel 

We count with a selected team of professionals and technicians who have the formation and passion to realize this kind of project. They care for every single aspect that is needed when preparing a modular office accommodation that will be of help when your team members will be working away. We know that you care for both your project and your team of workers and we know that you are looking for a responsible partner to be helpful and help you reduce any kind of risk that can arise when being in the field. 

That is why our employees take special care when elaborating the pieces of your modular office accommodation so that when compared to conventional accommodation such as a house or hotel you and your workers will not see much difference but even you will see an advantage of having our structures for you. Our temporary structures can be used in any field under all kinds of weather conditions.

Modular constructions are adaptable, resistant and flexible 

They are adaptable, resistant and flexible so they can be used as bedrooms and also they can be set up to be offices there, like a reception desk or a multi meeting room. In fact, modular constructions can be set up in the most convenient way for your project. 

Thus you can easily design the spaces that you will require such as common spaces for meetings or relaxing moments, a kitchen a place where your workers can perform administrative tasks and it can even count with bathrooms and dressing rooms. You can think of all the spaces you consider necessary; our company will have it ready for you.


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