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Product Details

Site office accommodation is part of the economic development

As part of the economic development of the countries national and private huge engineering projects are developed and most of the time they take longer periods than expected or planned. We have seen the cities developed and rural areas having huge projects which sometimes change their lives for good, for example when there is the construction of a road or big energy plant. The construction of these kinds of projects can take up to several months and they are supposed to be necessary as the nature of the project requires. 

Modular Office Accommodation is positive for they bring growth and development and those aspects change people’s lives for good. Better and clean energy and quality employment are also positive results that we can get out from these kinds of constructions. Your company dedicates hours to planning, organization and coordination to make this project have the best of results and thinking about site office accommodation is a crucial part of the project since it cannot be developed without a team working on it.

Karmod Site office accommodation are adaptable and a hundred percent flexible 

Your team is actually one of the key elements of your construction project and they deserve to have all the comfort and space to feel that being part of this work is valuable and worth it. Our company has more than three decades in the building sector, being the ideal partner in big construction projects; we provide site office accommodation of the highest quality and with the best customer service. We are fully aware that due to the nature of your project it will be held in remote areas or rural areas where having comfort in Modular Office Accommodation can become something of a challenge. 

However, we are ready to take the chance and make the best work with you. Our accommodations are adaptable and a hundred percent flexible which means that they will contain all the requirements your team needs, including spaces to work in meetings and collaborate with each other and places to relax and rest after hours of work. You can be sure that our service will cover every aspect as you demand, we are compromised and count with a team that has the experience and knowledge needed to do so.

Modular Office Accommodation comfortable and functional implementing

All the spaces and areas that you need to make your Modular Office Accommodation functional can be implemented, ranging from a reception desk to a dressing room. Yes, it is possible to provide your team with all the comfort that they will demand and make them feel that being away from home to work does not necessarily mean to be uncomfortable, but it can be a whole exciting experience. 

All that we need from you is to contact our sales department with the details that your office site accommodation will require. Aspects like sizes, division of spaces and design will be taken into account by our team of expert’s professionals who will be in charge of manufacturing each piece. In our facilities your prefabricated structure will be elaborated and this process may take up to 7 weeks to get ready.

Karmod office site accommodation fully ready as functional and safe

Your Modular Office Accommodation will be delivered and set up right where you want it, you do not have to worry that it is in a remote area or if the surface is not flat, your structure will be placed there without any problem. 

All electrical and water systems will be included so that when your office site accommodation is installed it will be fully ready to be as functional as demanded. Let us deal with all the work, trust is and your place will be ready, safe and comfortable. Contact our sales department, you are just a click away.




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