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Karmod Modular Housing Projects

To date, prefabricated housing has achieved a sustainable foothold in many countries around the world. The industry is adopting new, lighter-weight materials as well as digital technologies that enhance design capabilities and variability. This is an advance and a sign that the construction sector is moving on, allowing technological implementations to improve it or make it more modern. 

Thus, they can improve precision and productivity in manufacturing, and facilitate logistics saving costs and time for every construction project. Modular housing projects - Sustainable Homes are offsite constructions which allow the use of lean manufacturing techniques to create the prefabricated modules. These modular units can be placed end to end or stacked up to create different configurations. In other words, it means you can set them horizontally or vertically, depending on what you need or demand for your house. You can think of spaces like laundry, kitchen, guest rooms, and living room and you can imagine them set in the way you always wanted.

Unlimited Options as your imagination can go in Karmod Modular housing projects

For example, you can have the common areas on the first floor, which can be the kitchen, the living room and even a hall if you want to, and you can think of the other spaces like the bedrooms on the second floor, you can even have spaces like a balcony there, and why not you can think of a vertical garden. Options are unlimited as your imagination can go. We have all the materials and knowledge you need in order to set your house like you and your family have always imagined. The design phase is particularly important in the creation of Modular housing projects - Sustainable Homes buildings. 

As these prefabricated houses are manufactured in our facilities, we are more than glad to make you part from the first moment, it means we will keep communications with you so to understand what you are looking for; with us you have all you need as we will have the mastering challenges in design, manufacturing, technology, logistics, and assembly.

Modern modular constructions in housing projects

Maybe you worry about the endurance these structures can have and in fact how long a modular building lasts depends on whether it has been designed to be temporary or permanent. We have had experiences of projects which have been temporary and other ones which have been installed for longer periods. However, where many people still associate Modular housing projects - Sustainable Homes buildings with temporary structures, modern modular constructions can be built to last just like a traditional build. 

To date, in fact it is more common that those modular constructions are built to last longer. They are robust and offer all the quality needed to become a house where people may spend important phases of life. It does not matter if you are looking for independence and this will be your first home, or maybe if you are about to form a family; the dream can still be the same and it can still be possible for everyone.

Modular housing projects meet building regulations that ensure quality and safety

Modular housing projects have to meet building regulations that meet or exceed the same building standards required for traditional builds, and many are built using the same materials as regular buildings. So, in fact you can be sure that they will have nothing to envy from traditional buildings. 

While Modular housing projects - Sustainable Homes buildings undergo tests to ensure quality (and safety), they will still need maintenance just like any other construction to maintain them and extend their life. And of course, they will need and have your particular and unique touch. If you have any consultancy, feel free to contact our sales team, we will be more than glad to let you have all the information you need. We are just a click away.



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