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Karmod has gained an acknowledged position in the Modular Portable Cabin

The market has developed portable solutions to make construction projects easier and more versatile than ever before, there are as many options as clients may need to, and with us you have the most economical and highest quality alternative, do not doubt it. Our company has gained an acknowledged position in the Modular Portable Cabin - Portable Cabin industry and our products have international certifications that clients from either the private or the public sector like to choose. Since 1986 Karmod has dedicated efforts to offer the best service in modular and portable building cabins providing modern solutions to everyone everywhere.

In Karmod we are committed to making your Modular Portable Cabin project our priority

If you need a partner to expand your existing construction and space is limited, you can surely count on us. We are committed to making your project our priority, every detail will be considered and elaborated focusing on what your company demands. We have portable cabins; these ones are Modular Portable Cabin - Portable Cabin structures which can consist of a simple unit that can be used as storage rooms, security cabins or reception desks. 

On the other hand, we also have modular buildings; these ones are a group of cabins which are generally put together in order to create a more complex structure for example like the ones that can become a group of rooms for a school, a medical center or a group of stands for a movable market. Now you know the characteristics of each one and you will see that they can be useful and very adaptable. 

And though they have different uses, both can be interesting as a more convenient option because they provide great stability, good noise insulation, flexible layout, and great waterproof performance. Each person and business can have their own needs and specifications. We provide a wide range of alternatives that are easy to get with containers.

You and your business will have everything at the best price in Modular Portable Cabin

As time passes by and technology evolves it is important for us as a company to understand our clients are diverse and they can come with different demands. These needs can be either for housing or for commercial use, the great news is that modular and Modular Portable Cabin - Portable Cabin can fit any requirements you have. 

They can be hotels with amazingly comfortable rest rooms, they can be dormitories which can provide a nice environment, they can even become canteens that can be a space where your work team can enjoy their meals. You and your business will have everything at the best price in the most reduced period. We will try our best to make your space as comfortable and practical as possible. We offer minimal onsite work costs which means you can move in the container buildings instantly without the limitations of conventional building construction. 

Karmod supplies the most suitable Modular Portable Cabin - Portable Cabin

Our professional teamwork can install your structure in a week, we use high-quality materials that can be combined upon the customer's request, flexible layout can be completed with bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or even an entertainment room. We have room for as many choices as our customers want. Also details such as doors, windows, and sizes that you choose can be included. 

It does not matter if it is going to be a house or a temporary accommodation, our company is always willing to provide you with the best of services. Our company supplies the most suitable Modular Portable Cabin - Portable Cabin and flat pack container houses solutions, and our services include designs which can be a hundred percent made by you, production, which our team will be committed to, as well as shipment, and installation for all over the world. If you need any building, you can ask our sales department. We will be more than glad to give you a hand.

An award winning modular and portable cabins company

Discover our unrivaled range of modular and portable  buildings. Your workspace challenges are our forte, making Karmod the industry experts in tailor-made modular and Modular Portable Cabin - Portable Cabin since 1986. Our family run firm has been delivering modular and portable buildings to both the public and private sector for over 36 years. We have a strong focus on high-quality design and manufacture as well as offering a superior level of service.

Modular and portable cabins consist of factory manufactured components which are transported to and then assembled on-site. They differ from modular and portable buildings in that they are generally complete buildings, rather than individual units. Modular and portable cabins are sectional structures which are built off-site, transported where required and securely connected together to create your finished build. The Modular Portable Cabin - Portable Cabin units may form complete rooms or parts of rooms. Modular and Portable cabins are self-contained buildings, built off-site, making them an ideal way to expand your business or school, particularly when there are time or budget constraints. They can be quickly installed and are more affordable than traditional builds.

Every business has different requirements and Karmod provides a bespoke solution to your needs

Modular and portable office cabins provide unrivaled advantages in comparison to traditional alternatives; a premium expansion at a more competitive cost. When it comes to office space, we know that every business has different requirements and the full turnkey service we offer provides a bespoke solution to your needs, supporting you as the client from initial design to your final finished modular portable office cabin building.

Construction Office cabins & Portable On-Site Buildings

Modular and portable office cabins are also an essential part of a construction site, offering an administrative hub to ensure your project is progressing well. The office provides a space to hold meetings, complete administrative tasks and to welcome visitors. Opting for a modular and portable office cabin, brings unique advantages for those working on the construction site, with the office able to be removed in a matter of days. This cost-effective solution can come tailor-made with additional facilities, including: Construction site accommodation, Canteens, Locker rooms, Toilets and Showers

The fantastic advantages of Modular and Modular Portable Cabin - Portable Cabin include: Quicker Construction: Our modular and portable office cabins can be built and installed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional office builds, so your business can move in sooner than you think - often in a matter of weeks!


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