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Product Details

Flat Pack Cabins UK Prices Are Competitive And Pocket Friendly

All kinds of studios and offices can be made out of our flat pack cabins and they can become whatever our clients may need ranging from residential to commercial use. You will have our flat pack units as your ally multi-purpose use in all UK. Karmod Flat Pack Cabins UK - Flat Pack Site Cabins is fully modular this gives our clients the chance to have their building expanded or modified as needed and at the right moment they need as additional units can be linked side to side or end to end. Thus our units can create larger open plan container office space at the moment you decide.

Karmod Products Are Designed In The Wy You Want

Karmod is in charge of the preparation of these cabins and Flat Pack Cabins UK - Flat Pack Site Cabins which are made of rust resistant galvanized steel, this makes them strong, on the outside they have attractive smooth paneling and they are finished in a powder coated moss green (RAL 1000). Our products can be designed in the way you want, we respect your style by providing a sense of practical use and eye-catching building. We can assure you will be delighted by our flat pack site cabins and we offer you the highest quality, do not keep yourself wondering when you can start your project, with Karmod you can start right now. 

Our team of experts and technicians are able to design, elaborate, deliver and install whatever project you have in mind. You can trust us. We understand that sometimes resources like time and money can matter a great deal when having a construction project; our Flat Pack Cabins UK structures can allow you to have the building you are looking for, for less of both: time and money. You can order your project now and wait for no more than 10 weeks to have it ready for you to use! Our flat pack cabins are the solution you need.

Karmod Provides You With Our Flat Pack Cabins UK solutions 

If space is a problem for you Karmod provides you with the solution, not only our Flat Pack Cabins UK - Flat Pack Site Cabins units are time saving and cost effective but they are also efficient in terms of making the most of the space you have. Due to its unique structure our flat pack cabins can be easily transported and located in spaces where before it could have been impossible to do so or were completely inaccessible; all its parts can be easily assembled. 

They are also thermos insulators, which mean they can provide a fresh temperature when there is a hot day outside. In the inside part our cabins are pleasantly light and airy and they also have a durable, smart off white (RAL 9002) powder coat finish to both walls and ceiling which is suitable for surface mounted electrics. So you will have all the features you need in order to spend the time you need to in our cabins. 

No matter if you are going to use them as a place to work in or a place for temporary accommodation you will enjoy being in. The uses of our Flat Pack Cabins UK - Flat Pack Site Cabins structures can vary, you perhaps need a sales office or a college classroom or maybe it is a military checkpoint, a music room or an observation post! Yes, as wide as you can imagine, as varied as our clients may need, Karmod is compromised and passionate about creating the space ready for our clients to use them as whatever they need. Our prices are competitive and pocket friendly; not only we assure you the best of professionals and experts but also the best customer service. We know how important it is to understand what our clients expect from us. That is why we keep communication above all, go ahead and contact us.

The UK's Market leading Flat Pack Cabins Just Got Better!

The Karmod Flat Pack Cabin is a fully insulated detachable portable cabin. Due to its unique construction, the Karmod flat pack cab can be easily placed in places that were previously inaccessible and all parts can be carried by hand. The complete Flat Pack Cabins UK - Flat Pack Site Cabins can be easily assembled in a few hours and with a small team of people using a set of sockets/wrenches and a screwdriver.

With Karmod You Can Start Your Project Right Now

The Karmod flat pack cabin is fully modular and additional units can be joined side by side or end to end to create a larger open plan container office space at any time. Manufactured from rust resistant galvanized steel, the Karmod Flat Pack Cabins UK - Flat Pack Site Cabins has attractive plain panel cladding, finished in moss green powder coated (RAL 1000) on the exterior. The interior of the flat pack insulated cabinet is pleasantly light and airy with a smart and durable off-white powder coat finish (RAL 9002) on both the walls and ceiling that is suitable for surface mounted electrical systems.

Flat Pack Booths and Many Other Uses:

Construction site accommodation / flat pack cabins, site office, cabins Sales offices, home offices, school / university classrooms, marketing suites, laundry rooms, workshops, isolated shops, park offices, offices on highways, gates, military checkpoints, garden studios, music rooms, clubhouses, scout and guide meeting rooms, observation posts, sleeping accommodations, worker rest/dormitory rooms, security kiosks, flat office booths.

Ideal for use in restricted city center locations: UK, London, Birmingham, Manchester, etc. As the Flat Pack Cabins UK - Flat Pack Site Cabins is modular; it can be expanded, bolting together more units to form larger open floor areas. Simply remove the side or end panels of adjacent units and attach the Karmod with an optional connection kit. This panel system also means that doors and windows can be relocated within the Karmod structure.




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