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Product Details

New Flat Pack Portable Buildings for Sale - UK Fast Delivery

Built accomplishing a very high standard, using modern materials and meeting latest building regulations new flat pack portable buildings for sale are near you and ready to be delivered wherever you need them in the UK. In recent times housing needs have increased and so has the need for structures that can be portable and easily installed. People have set the pace for the development of the construction market of Flat Pack Portable Buildings UK - Portable Site Office which are demountable, expandable and easy to transport with no need of special tows or lorries. 

We offer a varied range which can be used in different industries covering needs for space that can be completely new or that can be part of a redefinition of the company as well as a redesign. We are specialists providing on site industrial building solutions to the UK market, it does not matter if it is for short or long term periods, and we focus on the accommodation solution offering a full service from the initial planning and design to the delivery and completion.

Karmod portable buildings can be the best option for your business

To us a project is completed once you start using them as the space you and your business need. It can be as simple as a sanitary facility or a toilet with a shower or a more elaborated structure that may need a modular complex. Our new Flat Pack Portable Buildings UK - Portable Site Office can be used and adapted to your demands. 

If you are thinking about starting a new cafe and, you already have the space and need the building you will start searching for constructor partners who will offer you traditional building with costs that can include labor hand, materials and a schedule that could easily vary which in the end will end in a costly contract that will make your project possible in no less than three months, just to take an easy example. That is why you need to know that you have more than that, portable buildings can be the best option for your starting café.

Karmod introduces in the market an innovative solution in Portable Site Offices

Our company has developed solutions based on modernity and technology, our new Flat Pack Portable Buildings UK - Portable Site Office building can become appealing for they are easy to transport and install and still they are pocket friendly. Different industries are already enjoying the benefits of having a portable structure that can be customized as what they need. 

Growing businesses and a variety of companies see us as a valuable alternative because our cabins are sound and spacious to be used in a wide variety of industries. Karmod introduces in the market an innovative solution and is passionate about developing it so as to become the ideal partner for our clients.

Karmod is interested in getting to understand your requirements to give you the best possible solutions and alternatives

If you need a security cabin, Flat Pack Portable Buildings UK - Portable Site Office or a toilet or maybe you are thinking about redesigning or reorganizing your space at the office you can surely count on us to solve your space problem, we are interested in getting to know your space need and understand your requirements to come up with the best possible solutions and alternatives. 

You will have the experience of our work team at your disposal, feel free to contact us if you already have a project in mind, you can also see our previous projects, we are always open to communication. There is a wide variety of industries in which our structures have been of help; horticulture and low scale agriculture, cafes, retails, housing, accommodations and education are good examples just to mention and to give you an idea on how flexible prefabricated structures can be. Do not postpone your dream to expand your business or to start it.

The Karmod Flat pack portable building range is light enough to be offloaded in sections from a small trailer or pick-up truck and is made up of sections that are small enough to fit through small passageways. Flat pack portable cabins and other Buildings are often also known as Collapsible, Demountable, Expandable, Sectional Buildings and man-portable units.

Karmod portable buildings - The totally man-portable Flat Pack Portable Buildings UK - Portable Site Office and portable office cabin that’s easy to assemble, and there’s no need for cranes, specialist tools or’s that simple! The U.K’s best-selling Flat pack portable building and portable office cabin has recently received a major makeover from top to bottom. The improved security features, stronger wall panels, rounded roof corners and modular building capability ensure it is the best buy on the market.

In portable accommodation buildings Karmod has the solution for help

Whether you are a growing organization that needs more space to accommodate expansion plans, an existing organization that needs to provide temporary portable accommodation buildings or Flat Pack Portable Buildings UK - Portable Site Office to renovate existing facilities or provide project accommodation, or a new or new business looking for something to get you up and running and running we have solutions to help.

  • Agriculture and Horticulture
  • Business and Industry
  • Cafes, Retail, and Museums
  • Clubs, Events and Accommodation
  • Modular Mining Camp Buildings
  • Defense and MOD
  • Life and Houses
  • Overseas Project Accommodation & Camps
  • Public Sector, Health and Facility Management
  • Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas
  • Schools, Colleges and Nursery
  • Personal Storage and Removal


Karmod range leads the flat-pack portable building market and stays ahead of the competition

The flat pack portable building range is now also complemented by the Euro Modular, a flat pack modular portable building solution which starts as a flat pack and encompasses all the benefits, including speedy delivery times, and complete flexibility of door and window positions even after the unit has been delivered. 

On closer inspection you will see that the entire structure of Flat Pack Portable Buildings UK - Portable Site Office has been improved not only aesthetically but the build quality has improved all round. Now in stock, this new generation ensures that the Karmod range leads the flat pack portable building market and stays ahead of the competition – and with no price increase.



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