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Product Details

Mobile-Classrooms to start learning or to retake classes

If we can imagine the city as a whole, we could see that there are some people who are really willing to learn, they are everywhere in the country indeed. It is said that there is no age for learning and that there is never a determined age to start learning or to retake classes. In fact, it is to admire people that do so, and they need to have all the facilities that are required to make it so here is where Tailor-Made Mobile Classroom plays an important role. 

Now on the other hand, it is very expensive to plan, design and carry out a construction project of a School, for either the private or the national sector. Having a budget for the school can take some time to be obtained. That is why we offer an alternative, a very attractive option for the private and public sectors that are in the educational area, our mobile classrooms can be transported without any problems to wherever your students are.

Tailor-Made Mobile Classroom with natural light 

Tailor-Made Mobile Classrooms can be set up in the most convenient way, for example you may need more collaborative spaces depending on the number of students that you are going to have. And also, it is important to consider the subjects that are going to be taught. For example, for computational classes, spaces with big windows to have natural light coming in will be important to consider, and also it will be important to consider air circulation conditions as usually computational equipment tends to warm the air and that can be uncomfortable for the students. 

On the other hand mobile classrooms, if your students are going to learn craft and hand made works; a suitable space will be one where their tools and materials can be placed in order to find all without making it too hard to do so. So spacious rooms will be the most suitable for them.

Portable and mobile classrooms means an opportunity for a better society 

We believe in education, a society with education can have in their hands a way to make a change in the course of their history. Portable and mobile classrooms can be part of the solution to handle growing demands and populations. It can mean an opportunity to someone who lives further away and really needs and wants a place where to study, where to learn and master a skill. This opportunity in the long run is an investment that pays back really well to society. 

Companies that invest in education and Tailor-Made Mobile Classroom not only contribute to a better society and improving living conditions but also can get more income as for when a society realizes that they need to invest in their formation they will make the effort to do so.

Mobile Classroom ready to everything students need

We carry extensive work to make all what is in our hands to make the most of your mobile classrooms and we are available to meet your specific requirements. Either in a remote area like the woods or a sandy beach where the surface is not even flat or maybe in the city as part of an existing institute, we are ready to go there where you demand our services. Karmod is ready and more than willing to save you time and money. 

Time, because it will take you some weeks in order to have your Mobile Classroom ready to function. And money, because it will be less expensive to have it constructed, as the structure comes ready, there is no need to spend more money in labor hand. Our team will make the installations needed right where your students need and where you want it to – everything you need – from steps and ramps to awnings and more for a fully functioning, portable classroom solution and Tailor-Made Mobile Classroom.


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