Toilet and Shower Blocks

Karmod is a worldwide brand name and produces prefabricated toilet and prefabricated bathroom units according to international standards. We offer toilet and shower facilities for all types of public social facilities, mines, oilfields, international fairs, parks, gardens, sports organizations, tourism industries and road construction sites.

Karmod uses only quality-certified materials for the manufacture of prefabricated portable toilets and showers. We manufacture different configurations of sanitary and prefabricated bathroom units according to international quality standards.

Exploring the Cost Benefits of Mobile Toilet Facilities for Outdoor Events

Mobile toilet facilities are a critical component for the success of any outdoor event, providing essential convenience and hygiene for attendees. This article delves into the cost benefits of incorporating portable toilet blocks into event planning. It discusses how the affordability of mobile toilet facilities can reduce overall event costs compared to permanent restroom installations. Additionally, the piece examines the logistical advantages, such as ease of placement and quick setup, which can further streamline event management and enhance guest satisfaction.

Top Reasons to Rent Portable Showers for Your Next Big Event

Renting portable showers can significantly elevate the attendee experience at large-scale events, especially those involving multi-day activities or outdoor environments. This guide outlines the top reasons to rent portable showers, including enhanced comfort, improved hygiene, and increased duration of guest stays at events. It also highlights how mobile shower solutions can cater to a diverse range of event types, from festivals and marathons to camping retreats, providing the necessary amenities to keep attendees refreshed and engaged.

Custom Shower Blocks: Tailored Sanitation Solutions for Any Site

Custom shower blocks are an excellent solution for sites requiring tailored sanitation solutions, such as remote work camps or large-scale construction sites. This article explores the process of designing and implementing custom shower blocks, emphasizing how they can be configured to meet specific site requirements and user needs. It discusses the collaboration with prefab lavatory manufacturers to ensure that these shower units not only meet the functional demands but also comply with health and safety standards, providing a comfortable and secure environment for users.

How Prefab Bathroom Units Can Transform Your Construction Site Amenities

Prefab bathroom units are transforming construction sites by providing clean, comfortable, and easily deployable restroom solutions for workers. This piece examines the benefits of incorporating prefab bathroom units into construction projects, focusing on how they improve site amenities and worker satisfaction. It covers aspects such as the durability of modular toilet buildings, ease of maintenance, and how they can help maintain hygiene standards in challenging environments, ultimately boosting morale and productivity on site.


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