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Product Details

You can choose the size you need in Portable Toilet Shower Blocks 

Thinking of having a portable toilet but your surface is not flat enough or is located within a difficult access area? Maybe you are thinking that it is going to be highly expensive or even harder to find the right provider. Certainly it is not. We are happy to introduce you our Portable Toilet Shower Blocks | Cabins & Containers

Over the years, containers have increased their presence in the market and become an excellent option for their added value. Customers have found that not only they are a pocket friendly option, but they also offer the option to be placed on almost all kinds of surfaces. You can have them ready for less time than you can imagine, sometimes it can take a couple of hours. You can choose the size you need. 

Experienced team providing best portable toilet solutions 

Maybe you need it for an event, where you will have a number of guests or perhaps you will need it for a longer period, perhaps for a site project in which case you will like that your team can be provided with a portable toilet container that perhaps will include a shower or a dressing room. Our Portable Toilet Shower Blocks | Cabins & Containers can be as varied as you may need or imagine. 

You can start reviewing our catalogue to see all the previous projects we have had. We proud ourselves for having the best customer service, our team have a vast experience providing solutions for all our clients. Also we have worked for companies from different sectors, always putting our best efforts in make our mobile restrooms cabins to be as fitting as needed. If you already have some idea in mind or a project about to start contact us and let us know what kind of toilet container you would like to have.

Incomparable prices in all our portable toilet shower blocks

Our prices are aligned with the market, in other words they are set in line with our competitors’ prices so that we can offer our clients the best price in the market and provide them with the highest quality product. We want our customers to enjoy our Portable Toilet Shower Blocks | Cabins & Containers considering also that this will not shorten their budgets in a significant way. 

If you are going to have a project or any kind of public gathering event, you know that your attendees will need a toilet. Our toilets will provide you with a quick solution which will also be very easy to install. Your company will be recall by presenting a successful exposition/launching or any other kind of experience and especially for its outstanding care in having spaces to keep the attendees clean and comfortable. 

Public event or a private one you can count with Karmod portable toilets showers

We aim to make your event unforgettable and an opportunity to give them the best of impressions. A clean and practical Portable Toilet Shower Blocks | Cabins & Containers will give your final customers a reason to build a nice image of your organization and that can always be a good start. Whether it is a public event or a private one you can count with our toilets; sizes, colors and any other specifications can be made as what you demand. 

You can have all freedom to let us know what you are looking for. We are open to details and we will provide you with the entire guide you may need. Our experienced team will go with you from the design, the elaboration in which you will see all the features you first gave as a preliminary version during the design and finally to the installation. You can have your portable toilets cabins delivered where you need them. They are the best option for you and you are just a click away.

Start Creating Your Unique Portable Toilet Container Block

We have fabricated many washrooms, toilets cabins, and shower container blocks for a range of different sites. Our Portable Toilet Shower Blocks | Cabins & Containers are all custom built so the number of cubicles, the types of fittings and the layout are all chosen by you. We will guide you through the process and help with the entire decision making. Portable or modular toilet container blocks are ideal for campsites; they are attractive facilities that can be installed on some of the hardest to reach sites. We have lots of cladding, roofing and flooring options to choose from.

Karmod Portable Toilet Shower Blocks | Cabins & Containers are perfect for site accommodation such as campsites where we can provide an accessible shower for your guests. Or they can be placed on a construction site as temporary site portable toilet cabins for the construction crews with a compromise on quality to improve durability, an excellent choice of site facilities.

Toilet Cabin Blocks and Washroom Facilities

We are here to guide you through the decision-making process of purchasing your bespoke Portable Toilet Shower Blocks | Cabins & Containers facilities and campsite toilet container blocks, if at any point you need any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us. Creating your bespoke portable toilet cabin and washroom units and shower container facilities to suit your requirements is very important to us. We have created many different bespoke campsite toilet and washroom facilities as seen in our case studies. This straightforward 5 step system will take you through the initial planning for your unique portable toilet and shower container facilities. 

Karmod modular campsite toilet cabin and shower container facilities

Let’s get you started to plan your bespoke modular campsite toilet cabin and shower container facilities. You will see your ideal modular facility actually lay out by working through this short form – you will get clarity too and see why the Karmod 5-Steps to Modular Portable Toilet Shower Blocks | Cabins & Containers Karmod has all your bases covered. Jacklegs are also known for their high standard specifications and are of the highest quality, so even the basic models have high standard specifications, the Jacklegs of the Portable toilet container can also be removed if they are not required on the plan for the Portable Toilet and Shower Cubicle. We will help you on your build journey with advice and feedback providing the best quality builds


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