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Product Details

Professionalism applied to the Karmod Toilet and Shower Blocks UK

When working on a stie project which can be part of a mining project, oil company or any kind of construction project you will have a work team, even for simpler plans such as a home addition or kitchen renovation, the last thing you likely want to have would surely be the lack of a restroom, a decent space for you and your work team to alleviate such natural and primary necessities.  

The employee’s privacy might be compromised, with the possibility of not having an adequate place to use as a bathroom which can potentially be causing unmerited stress and hassle. Our Toilet and Shower Blocks UK - Campsite Toilet Buildings can be installed anywhere and protect your employee’s privacy without adding unnecessary stress and inconvenience to their daily work life. This also helps maintain professionalism, and the final client will keep a good impression of the contractor or construction company. 

Campsite Toilet Buildings offer an excellent high hygiene levels 

So, both sides will be satisfied, on one side your employees will be relieved and feel that you care about their daily wellbeing, and thus your final client will have an excellent image about the way you carry the project out. We are more than pleased to be your partner in every project you and your team can have. Toilet and Shower Blocks UK - Campsite Toilet Buildings offer an excellent way to maintain high hygiene levels and keep workers safe every day as needed. 

However, the toilets need regular cleaning and maintenance for optimal worker and site safety. They can keep workers happier and satisfied when they do not have to bear the hassle of searching for offsite bathrooms. Happier workers are often more productive, and they can keep a good work environment and spend more time working and much less worrying about what to do when they need to use the restroom.

Karmod can adjust the toilets and shower blocks to your site project

We can adjust our toilets and shower blocks to your site project, we are fully compromised with providing portable washrooms because we know that it is an excellent way to increase productivity, safety, and efficiency, as well as keep workers happy and comfortable.  We have a variety of toilet rentals, Toilet and Shower Blocks UK - Campsite Toilet Buildings, including standard units and toilet trailers, to meet your unique needs. 

So, if you were looking for a solution to your sanitary problem, we are happy to let you know that you have reached the right place. In the current age of global warming and climate change, anything that protects the environment is usually desirable and we acknowledge it. Portable toilets preserve the environment since they do not require vast amounts of water to operate and ensure proper waste disposal as traditional bathrooms. 

Highly compromise to provide clean, furnished, and spacious Toilet and Shower Blocks UK

Also, they take up less space and come in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of various sites. The exact facilities you may require are dependent on the amount of people you will have on-site, as well as the nature of the work being done. You can freely contact our sales department for more information on which facilities are right for you. Your needs are our motivation to improve each day and every project is challenging enough to make us keep our work as excellent as possible. 

We are highly compromised to provide relief to your workers with clean, furnished, and spacious areas to do their tasks at work with peace, privacy, and dignity which is what they deserve in basic but important terms. Our Toilet and Shower Blocks UK - Campsite Toilet Buildings, mobile restrooms and showers are customizable and include the amenities they need to keep your work team comfortable providing a space where they can clean up and feel refreshed after all their efforts during the day. 

Toilet and Shower Blocks - Easily Installed Anywhere

Many Mining and oil gas campsites and festival sites need portable toilet and shower blocks. We have created a wide variety of campsite shower rooms, handicap shower rooms, wash facilities and wet rooms in a variety of sizes and dimensions, all designed to fit your needs and budget affordably. Our portable, prefabricated Toilet and Shower Blocks UK - Campsite Toilet Buildings are both durable and good-looking, and can be designed, manufactured, delivered and quickly installed on site at well below the cost of a brick-built facility. We can create stand-alone washdown facilities or create combined toilet and shower container blocks from scratch by choosing one of our factory-designed or standard layouts – with different facilities, all of which can be installed to meet your exact needs.

Camp Toilet and Shower Blocks Design

These factory-made portable toilet and shower container blocks are perfect for oil gas and mining campsites, RV parks, or any other area where quick and ready-to-use facilities are required for the short or long term. All of our Toilet and Shower Blocks UK - Campsite Toilet Buildings units are made-to-order and fully customizable to your needs. All details of the structure can be chosen by the customer. This includes: size, shape, colour, budget, hardware quality/quantity, interior and exterior finishes, any special needs eg. sloping floors, disabled ramps and anything else that might be needed. 

We can produce smaller toilet units from just a few toilets and shower stalls; we can produce double-width units for larger spaces. We can even integrate a shop/office/kitchen area into your plan. Let us know your requirements and we will work closely with you to produce a layout and specification that works for you. The requirement for Toilet and Shower Blocks UK - Campsite Toilet Buildings campsites is created everywhere, but this amount is often increased at peak times to ensure there are no queues. 

Karmod toilet and shower container, variety of sizes, the best solution for all kinds of hygienic needs.

Our container shower blocks and container toilet blocks come in a variety of sizes, types, styles and finishes so you can be sure to get the perfect solution for your mining and oil gas campground. All of our container toilet and shower blocks are produced in isolation with exactly the features you want. Not sure what you need? Send us your requests for a toilet and shower and a member of our expert team will assist you step-by-step. Sustainably and ethically designed, built and delivered nationwide from our UK based workshop


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