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Product Details

We can help you by providing a wide range of portable toilets

In Karmod we provide clean, sanitary, dependable portable restrooms for many types of situations from parties, events, luxury event trailers, construction sites, mining projects and any other occasion where they could be needed. Are you about to have a special celebration or event in your company? We can help you make it unforgettable by providing a wide range of Portable Toilet Blocks And Shower Cubicles UK

Not only you will have the chance to focus a hundred percent on your event and its success but you will witness your attendees having the best image of you and your company since they will be able to count with all the boundaries of a clean and comfortable toilet block. Often we find ourselves into the planning of an event and it takes us time and coordination to get everything set. 

Karmod puts all necessary efforts to install our prefabricated structures

We pride ourselves in being the option of preference for most people in the UK, whether their event is public or private they choose us to supply our structures. We aim to make your event the best moment for your company and you to shine, so we make all necessary efforts to install our prefabricated structures. We all can have a memory of an occasion in which we have been in an event and we barely remember the bathrooms, unless they have been unclean, unhappily most of the time this memory makes reference to recall an unpleasant moment. 

We took conscious of it and that is how we decided to make our best effort to bring a solution to the market, our Portable Toilet Blocks And Shower Cubicles UK are easy to keep clean, so your workers will be able to clean them as easy as if they were cleaning any other restroom. Also they are ecofriendly and this means that they mostly use water to properly function.

Karmod more than 35 years in the UK market

Our company has more than 35 years in the market, along these years we have kept all our willingness in providing prefabricated solutions for a number of clients in the UK. No matter if they have a project that is going to last a couple of weeks or if it is going to be a one-day event which will probably take hours. In our Portable Toilet Blocks And Shower Cubicles UK we have the same high quality service to all of them, because we care about your planning and we care also about sanitary solutions to be an essential part of it. 

Perhaps bathrooms are not to become the most unforgettable part of your event or project, but we are more than conscious about the fact that an inappropriate toilet or an improvised one will be a memory hard to forget for your public and beyond that it could have a negative effect on your company’s image. 

Portable Toilet Blocks Ranging from concerts to fairs

Ranging from concerts to fairs, weddings or even traditional parties we can provide you with the number of toilets you need. If you want to keep your attendees comfortable make sure that they are going to have an accessible and secure restroom, where they can wash and keep themselves clean. To keep them clean make sure all surfaces are well disinfected including urinals, toilet seats and floors. 

Do not forget to replenish supplies and add fresh water and deodorant solution to the tank. We have plenty of experience providing Portable Toilet Blocks And Shower Cubicles UK for sale in UK and we proud on keeping the best customer service, our team will be more than glad to read or listen to all the questions or consultancies you can have, from the design stage in which you can tell all details you need to the delivery when our team will bring them to site.

Best Portable Toilet Blocks in UK

Our range of sandwich panel portable toilet blocks can be built to any size, color and interior specification. Offering full portability with often no planning permission required they provide maintenance free, luxury alternatives to traditional campsite Portable Toilet Blocks And Shower Cubicles UK facilities. Our fantastic new range of self-contained portable toilet blocks provide the perfect solution for hard to reach glamping or camp sites looking to offer facilities without the need to plug the pods into the mains or plumb in water feeds. 

Each system is completely self-contained and requires no connections to the mains, they are completely portable too and can be moved an unlimited number of times. Due to their unique single piece floor design, they do not require permanent footings and can go onto a wide range of bases such as level grass, scalpings, gravel, paving slabs etc providing maximum flexibility to campsite owners without the need for any permanent structures or connections.

Portable Toilets For Sale in UK - Steel Site Toilets

Portable toilet blocks are a flexible, cost-effective and instant well-being solution. Our Portable Toilet Blocks And Shower Cubicles UK are made of premium steel and are extremely durable. They're also secure, hack-proof, and vandal-proof. The portable toilet blocks you will purchase will give you the opportunity to choose from an almost endless array of layouts and configurations. Or, we stock a wide range of portable toilet units that are meticulously inspected. Each portable toilet block is fully insulated and lined. It is also equipped with electricity and a durable, easy-to-clean floor. For security they also have special locking doors and ventilated window guards. Delivering your Portable Toilet block: Our warehouse and office are in England, we have sales in Scotland and Wales. 

Karmod Toilet Blocks, completely portable maximum flexibility without any permanent connections

We invite you to our nearest warehouse. For our standard Portable Toilet Blocks And Shower Cubicles UK, delivery can take as little as 3-5 days. New bespoke units are made to order and take a little longer. Many customers prefer to stack portable and shower blocks vertically and we supply ladders specially designed for this purpose. If this is something you're considering doing, please let us know so we can provide additional advice and ultimately make sure you get the perfect product for you.


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