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Product Details

New Technology Temporary and Portable Hospital Buildings

Wouldn't it be just great that a portable hospital could reach wherever patients are, without it meaning to wait for all it takes before seeing it put up? Well actually to have a new Healthcare Facilities or medical building will take no less than an average of 8 months, every room and space must be considered and there is no much time to waste. Even making everything with a rapid pace in order to have everything the building needs it would be really optimistic to think that it will take less time.

Also making a new building will need resources in order to cover all the expenses it generates and sometimes budgets are tight. Seeing this scenario, Karmod has prepared portable hospital building to offer into the marketplace. More than 36 years ago, our company started to develop a passionate willingness to apply technology in creative solutions.

Affordable Medical Shelters and Portable Field Hospitals

In order to make the best out of the building sector our company has invested in research and found more alternatives to clients who claim to have better options, more affordable and less extensive especially in terms of time invested. That is how we come to portable hospital buildings, they are ideal for any kind of construction project, however they seem to be the best option for portable hospitals. Not only do they allow you to reach right where your patients need you, but also they are cheaper and they can be ready in less time than conventional buildings as they do not need several months to be ready to use.

All the installations come ready so you will be able to have your Healthcare Facilities and portable hospital operating as soon as they are installed, connections to have electricity and water are perfectly handled so that your portable hospital can be operating without any problems. We like to think we are part of the solution to the growing demand for medical services that we witness in society. As the population grows it is necessary to provide the people in the communities with basic services such as telephone lines, internet, electricity and also with medical services.

The portable solution to providing hospital building facilities

Ranging from a simple cold that could attack a child to a mom that soon would be giving birth, communities need to have the health service covered. If they could count on Healthcare Facilities that could be ready in the least time possible and to be as robust and spacious to make it possible to have essential services like laboratory or first aid topic room, it would mean more than a relief.

Thinking that we specialize in bringing to your need a solution that can make your portable hospital buildings movable to wherever your patients are, it can be either in the mountains or the middle of the desert, our team can be there. The surface of the land does not need to be particularly flat, portable hospitals are flexible and highly adaptable.

Portable hospital building cost and hospital design standards

We all know the importance of prevention when it comes to take care of citizen’s health. So as long as the staff of your Portable hospital can have an adequate space to make campaigns to prevent seasonal diseases for example, people in town will be safe.

Portable hospital building makes health services near to the people, with them it is possible to have everything ready and operating in less time, there are affordable prices waiting for you. All you have to do is ask for information and our sales team will be more than glad to answer. If there are any questions or doubts we are interested in knowing Healthcare Facilities, so feel free to ask as much as you need.


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